My Newspaper Stint

The editor of OC Family Magazine, Suzanne Broughton, asked if I would want to contribute to Parenting Voices in the OC Family section of the OC Register newspaper. When she first asked me about this, I was stunned, excited, and shocked. I didn't understand why she would ever want me to contribute, but I was excited to have been asked.

I never thought I was an actual writer or any good, it is just something I have always done on a personal level. So I was shocked when Dale, a member of my church, asked me to write a guest post for his website. Here is the link to my first and only guest post: Adopting the "I Can" Mindset. A few months later, when Suzanne asked if I would write something for the OC Register, I was inspired to take a few minutes to write about these negative beliefs I had about myself in To Be Empowered. She and many others, helped inspire this shift in these beliefs that I harbored for so long.

Thanks to Suzanne for asking me to contribute to the paper! Even if it is just an easy, small article in the parenting voices section of our local paper, it is something I never in my life considered doing. And it was fun!