Post Weekend Update: Santa Ana Art Walk & 60's Themed Party

Saturday evening, Jessie, Caleb and I made it to the Santa Ana Art Walk. It was a goal. I LOVE ART WALKS. The Santa Ana Art Walk takes place on the first Saturday of every month from 7-10pm. [Website for details: Santa Ana Art Walk.] Going to these things is one of my favorite things to do. I was literally skipping ahead while pushing Caleb's stroller while walking from the parking garage. 
As we walked up to the Artist's Village, we were met with beautiful music and dancing. They usually have some type of dancing and music going on outside, and this time it was flamenco (I think?). 
Music inside with awesome guitarists. People lined up in the halls and in the stairway to watch them. 
Caleb tried on a number of masks. That must have been his favorite art the entire night.

I love the night. A lot. I also love trees with lights, artistic atmospheres, places with all kinds of people, unique eateries, and music filling the air. The art walk has it all. Magical? Maybe.

Sunday evening Caleb and I attended our church's 60's inspired party to raise money for an attendee in need, and to finish the summer series with zest and style. 

Here my attempt to get a picture with other people. The people in this photo are Pastor Steve, his lovely wife Cathi who is the Children's Ministry Pastor, and their rockin' daughter Bekah (amazing with Caleb & kids, theater, and vintage clothing ensembles). 
This is the closest thing to a successful group photo I got all evening, wherein my shirt has plummeted too far too low of a depth that is comfortable for viewing. Can I blame the mancub for this one? 
Probably the first time I have ever seen Caleb willingly sitting in the rows of chairs at church. Usually he's, "Noooo! OUTSIDE!" He much prefers his classroom, playground, and the patio of tables with accessible foods like brownies and muffins that he sneaks.

Oh, and here is link to Caleb rocking out at the party. He likes to dance. I tried getting the video in this blog, but failed.
 Caleb Chair Dancing Like a Pro.
Folks at the party had some pretty rad 60's gear going on. I just pulled from my closet. I didn't feel dressed up at all since I was wearing actual clothing of mine. I wore this skirt a lot in college, but don't really wear it anymore. It fits differently post-baby, but it is still a good one.

Tomorrow is Monday. I am sure that reality causes a collective groan amongst the masses. But I have high hopes for tomorrow. I hope it is a good one for you all.

Grace, love, & peace to you tomorrow, and this week!