The Elephant Parade

On Saturday, Jessie and I took Caleb to the Elephant Parade in Dana Point. Check out their site for information on this free exhibit: Elephant Parade in Dana Point. The exhibit is meant to raise money and awareness for the plight of the Asian Elephants, who are on the verge of extinction. The art we saw were life sized sculptures of baby Asian elephants who were turned into pieces of art with meaning. We didn't see all of the elephants by any means, as we were traveling with a 35 pound fusser. 
The elephants were absolutely beautiful. Each told their own story as depicted by the artist.

Excerpt from site of what this is about:

The ART Side.

Elephant Parade is a FREE, city-wide, open-air art exhibition featuring dozens and dozens of life-size Asian elephant statues painted by renowned artists, dignitaries and celebrities. It¹s as simple as A-B-C. The more powerful the Art, the more successful the Business, and the more funds raised for the Charity.

The HEART Side.

Proceeds from Elephant Parade full-size exposition statue sales and an additional 20% of the Elephant Parade net profits are donated to The Asian Elephant Foundation (TAEF), an independent charity which financially supports and actively monitors projects for the welfare of the Asian elephants. Most of these projects are focused on supporting elephant hospitals and sanctuaries, developing solutions for the human-elephant conflict, and donating mobile elephant clinics to support local teams of specialized elephant doctors.
Here is our brief photo story from the day:
Up until lunch, Caleb wanted to be held and was cranky and short tempered. Ex: He engaged in a screaming and crying meltdown when I walked up different hill as opposed to the hill that followed the street. He did enjoy the elephants and the boats, and perked up after lunch. I did feed him by the way. Or at least give him food options which he may not have eaten as much as he should have. Sigh, toddlers. 
Pieces of my heart.
His favorite.
Our afternoon at Dana Point ended with lunch and ice cream at this nice little place. We had a wonderful waitress who was kindhearted and generous. She even gave us free fries for Caleb.