To unplug a little more.

Cheap Target watch=More intentional unplugging!
Seriously though, are there watches that don't make the ticking sound? 
I got a watch today. I'm not usually a watch person. I had one many years ago, and then the Nokia cellphone replaced that. Then eventually, an all encompassing smart phone (Blackberry?) replaced that, which eventually was replaced with the iPhone. I now use my iPhone for a lot of things. Email, Instagram, pictures, texts, messaging, apps galore from fitness apps to photo editing apps, navigation apps, etc. I even have one of my best friend's blogs on my phone that I check way too often for any new updates, even though I talk to her frequently, most of the time daily. There were many years when I didn't care about any of this stuff. I have loved documentation and pictures my whole life. But email on my phone? Facebook on my phone? I didn't think it was necessary. And it's not. Not for me anyway. Still, there's something about pulling out the phone when you are bored or waiting in line, or being able to chat with your friend in another state while out in about, that can have such a pull to it. I have read and heard varying articles and talks on social media and how it can be too much. I have read articles on people who are starkly against sharing any part of the children on the internet in any capacity, as in...not even a single picture allowed. Then I see the opposite extreme of bloggers and mothers who share about their kids in books, on blogs, in photos and video etc. I clearly follow the latter.

I think both perspectives have their place. For me, it is time to make a concerted effort to deplug a little more. I wont be so extreme as to delete accounts and all that. But I will be intentional about the times I use social media and the internet. I have talked before about being present. I have also mentioned before about how I don't feel I am intentional enough. I think part of the problem with being intentional, is I let things get in the way of being present. I let what I feel like doing replace things I should do (chat online with friends instead of attend to my house), or replace things that would be more life giving with those things that are more of a time suck (baking in my home versus watching shows online or being online. I know baking is a funny example of "life giving", but sometimes, when I am alone in the house with the windows open, baking up some good banana bread feels so life giving and good).

I enjoy social media. I enjoy reading blogs and reading different articles. I get my news from the internet. I keep in contact with people through the internet because most of my good friends are not local. I love taking and sharing pictures, and documenting in different ways. There's not a problem with any of this. But sometimes I let it get in the way of the life I want to be present in to see, hear, feel, and touch. So, when I am home during Caleb's wakeful hours after school, I want to make it a point to deplug a little more. When we go to the park or local places like that, I want to leave my phone behind and only wear my watch. Often times I only bring my phone for the time anyway, so this will surely help.

Last night, I pretty much stayed offline. I got home to a child free house, poured a glass of a a new bottle of Chardonnay that was given to me from my office, and set to work to make dinner for Jessie and I. She came over and we ate, talked, joked about how our dinner was like a date, in part by the Dean Martin Pandora station I had going in the background.  I don't know why making a home cooked dinner with friends is something that is so wholesome to me, but it is one of my favorite things to do. We then went to Huntington Beach, walked around the shops, did a walkjog down the boardwalk for around 3.5 miles, and came home to watch Sherlock. I needed this night of unplugging and me-time badly. And now, I feel more refreshed and ready to pick up Caleb from school in a few hours for another unplugged evening.

Cheers! :)