Batman and Bad Guys

This morning Caleb asked me if God made bad guys, followed by the much sought after theological mystery, if God made Batman. After being momentarily stumped by how to answer the Batman question, I launched into my answer full of life lessons and meaning. I went on to say that God does not make bad people, he just makes people. And people make choices, good or bad. I talked about forgiveness and grace, and a little bit about what that means and how that looks. I also told him that Batman was a character, not a real figure. I know, this mama is such a kill joy. Everything I said only lasted a minute or so before he responded by saying, "Poo poo! Pee pee!" Sigh. And life goes on again.

After that little chat, I shut the car door to walk to my seat and was convinced that he listened and heard what I was saying. On some level, he might have learned from it. He may be three and a half and still responding via potty talk, but he is really sharp, quick witted, and has an amazing memory. Kids are no fools man, we just underestimate them.

Here are a few pictures from the last few days:
Dinner with his daddy. 
Hanging out at his buddies house. 
Cookies with mama.
The finished product. The next morning I came out into the kitchen to find a chair pulled up to the counter, and the plate demolished. Only two were left. 
A little before-school construction work. There were piles of dirt all over the path and in front of the neighboring homes. There was also a welcomed pile of dirt on my freshly mopped kitchen floor. :)
Adorable. Happy mama.
I went through our pantry and donated a bag full of stuff to the Families Forward drive at Caleb's school. 
This expression of joy really emanates his spirit of generosity that morning.
Just kidding, he really was happy to share his food with friends. He wanted to hold this box of cereal for safe keeping in the car en route to school.

Okay, each morning starting from around 6-6:30 am, Caleb rises with abundant energy and zeal. My lump of a body curled under my covers tells a different story. Each morning, I desperately yearn for the sound of sweet silence as my boy barrels his body into my limp, motionless body. He is usually singing loudly or making raucous sounds. He used to do this at even earlier hours, and there was no way I could survive like that. So, I would put on a movie for him at 4:30 am until I could also rise to begrudgingly meet the day. Over time, this got better, as we adjusted to a more normal schedule. His 4:30 am wake up time were more because of his crib to big boy bed transition.

Anyway, now he asks for movies every day. I am not a fan. I put them on when I am painfully tired and it is early, or sometimes when I take a shower and get ready for work.

I make the continued effort to limit his time with the television. He begs, I say no.

And guess what? Like a stalker mom cam, here are a few things I have found him doing instead:
(With an opened yogurt he figured out how to feed himself and rip it open. )
Greeting the outside morning on the patio!
(Yes, you can see the tacky reflection of my hand and phone. Cheesiness. )
Stories with his reindeer and rabbit.

I am delighted to see him FINDING OTHER THINGS TO DO outside of the television. WIN!