Halloween '13. (This is Halloween-Part Two)

I wrote in the last blog that I was not allowed to celebrate Halloween in my family growing up. These years with Caleb have given me a sense of ownership over our celebrations and how I want to approach them. Its been a lot of fun.

Last year was the first time Caleb trick or treated. It was kind of lame because we just walked around my apartment complex and it was more vacant than not.

THIS YEAR however, was awesome. It was almost magical. That's how it supposed to be though, isn't it? You can dress up and live as another for that day. You can live out imaginative play with all the other kids and friends. You can take your license for creativity and pour into decorating something special for the magical little beasts that come by your door. You can take joy into lighting up a kids life for a night with that seemingly (to them) unlimited bucket of candy. It's all another world on Halloween. And we are all the characters of our choosing. Last night, kids ran around with their pillow cases, bags and buckets, some dressed in themes. We saw three sharp looking young boys who described themselves as "wing men". And the superheroes were pretty cute.

I know sometimes I speak of being less than thrilled about living in Irvine. I don't like it for different reasons, even though it is a perfectly good city. It certainly is a great place to raise children and have families. I just feel like I don't personally fit that mold, and am here just because of my son. Last night however, as Jessie and I took Caleb trick or treating to the different homes and neighborhoods around, I was struck time and time again by how kind everyone was who opened their doors (also by how nice everyone's homes were. Dang, Irvine). They were genuinely excited to see the kids. Lots of them thought Caleb was such a cute little guy, of course. :) Families were eager to decorate in mostly child friendly ways. Everyone was so nice in fact, that Caleb wanted to go into peoples houses and would exclaim, "I want to go inside!" We didn't enter the random homes of kind strangers this time around. But as we would leave the homes that gave us the goods, Caleb would say, "I like these houses!!" No kidding, kid. No kidding.

Here are pictures from Halloween day. Caleb had a party and parade at school, followed by trick or treating at night.
Bond with my boy: Growl and claw=Possible success. 
I was quickly roped into the parade because he didn't want to do it after seeing me.
You can see how Caleb is just bursting with eagerness to be apart of this parade.
Pennee, the fabulous director of Caleb's school.
Emma was so excited to be a princess. She is one of Caleb's long time old friends (since the One Room days haha). Also, the pretty butterfly lady is Caleb's new teacher.
Stoked about parading.
Disney Princess row
My sister and I at the Preschool parade!
Caleb's pit crew, minus mommy.
He wasn't Captain America, but he loves his shield. 
Trick or Treating with mama!
And Jessie!
Yeah, they scored their light sabers. Actually I guess they are glow sticks, but you know they were used as light sabers instead.
Trick or Treat!
Later Caleb taunted me about how I did not get a glow stick, but they did. Also Jessie said she was a skeleton, and continued to point out all the skeleton decorations we would see as if they were her kinsman.
One house gave out eye patches, as well as candy. Score!
Ding Dong!

Our pumpkins at home. Jessie carved the elephant today. Spencer and Caleb did the Jack-O-Lantern. 
Earlier this week, we attended two Harvest church celebrations. Caleb also did Halloween with dad, Nana & Pop by going on a scavenger hunt and carving their pumpkin. Lots of activities! 

Photos from Harvest night:
My little Lighting Man is just so cute here.
Grace and I. Love. 
So good to see my friends. :)

That's it for Halloween 2013 with Lightening Man! We will see what we crack up for next year!
"...and the walls became the world all around..." 
Much like Halloween can do. :) Happy Imaginings, folks.