Operation Christmas Child

This year was our first time doing an Operation Christmas Child box. We did a box for a mystery boy between the ages of 2-4.

Armed with the OCC pamphlet and list of recommended items to get for these boxes, we braved the aisles of Target.

 This was rearranged several times. I actually returned those crayons because I found a new and unopened box of crayons in Caleb's closet that had three times as much in it.
Yesterday we took our finely packed box to church. 
Here is Caleb showing me how strong he is.

They say that it is better to give than to receive. That's not to say Caleb was totally on board with the whole giving thing. We may have had some meltdown behavior over the cars packed for the little boy the night we got everything. But that was mainly due to being tired and hungry. He was fine with it after that night, and even wanted to give the boys half of his stuffed animals.

Being able to do something for someone else, offering them something that could be useful or that could bring them joy, is awesome. It's a blessing to bless others. It's a blessing to love people you've never seen. It's a blessing to pack a box for a little boy somewhere in this world to the best of our ability, in hopes that it will bring him joy. I hope he feels our love stuffed into a box, just for him.