Thanksgiving at my place: 2013.

We are now in full swing into the Christmas season, but I never got around to doing an Thanksgiving post, so here it is. :)

This year, I hosted Thanksgiving. 

In the morning after putting the turkey in the oven, Caleb and I went out for a walk. 
Pictured is one of the one million reasons why it takes parents forever to get out of the house to do anything. This is what I had to deal with while trying to get ready to go outside. A rambunctious small child repeatedly saying, "I got your leg! I got your leg! I got your leg!"

We finally made it out. Boy, bike, mom. We started off successfully enough. 
Boy biking. Mama walking.
It was a beautiful afternoon. I was quite enjoying it, until the inevitable internal switch in every child's head went off in Caleb's, where they cease to be able to ride their bike. Or walk. Or walk unassisted. You know how it goes, you are carrying ten bags of groceries and your purse and your kids thing, and they want you to pick them up. Or hold your hand. Usually this strikes with any signs of hunger or tiredness. 

 I was soon carrying Caleb's bike and helmet, so I refused to hold Caleb. He has legs. He ought to use them. He held my hand as I held his gear. We made it to a park, saw some ducks, and eventually walked home. Of course it wasn't peaceful walk, it was a walk filled with random moments of crying, lots of complaining about the use of legs, along with the child's incessant need to pee. I tried to get us to make it home, or to any toilet in the proximity. It didn't happen, and Caleb was more than happy to whizz on a bush outside a Del Taco parking lot. When we finally made it home, I prepped more food and got ready for my sister and her husband to join us for a later Thanksgiving lunch.

Here were the things we had at our meal:
Jill from my office, had extra Sweet Potato Casserole and Strawberry Pretzel Jello. She graciously gave us our own dishes of it. 

I made pumpkin pie again this year. It was a hit. 
And I made my first turkey ever:
That turkey is 15 pounds. Poor, fat bird. I cut the plastic off and out gushed bloody raw turkey juice. It gushed from every crevice and gaping hole in that bird. I was grossed out, but rinsed it all off. The turkey was pre-brined, so I just did my seasonings and rubbed it down with butter, cut up the celery, onion, and carrots, rinsed the sage leaves, and threw it all in the cavity of the turkey. I left the celery and onion out of the cavity and just put it in the oven bag with the bird. After cooking in a 350 degree oven for a little over 3 1/2 hours, we had our turkey.
It was good for a first time, but no where near perfection like Maureen's (Caleb's grandma). No shock there. 
Half of the food. We never seemed to photograph the rest of it. But there was a lot. 
My plate.
Oh hello, little family of mine. :) 

After dinner, we ended up watching cartoons with Caleb. We saw Mulan 2 (so random) and some old cartoons of The Three Little Pigs.

And that was our Thanksgiving day! I tried to go over our leaves of thankfulness from our Tree of Gratitude but Caleb was over it. We did however, all say something we are thankful for. I don't remember everything Caleb said, but part of what he said was that he is thankful for my sister, David and I, as well as his ability to poop. Toddlers, keepin' it real! 

Happy Friday!!