In reading the Jesus Storybook Bible with Caleb

I read the entire Jesus Storybook Bible to Caleb. We began it the beginning of December for Advent, read it all the way through, and then finished it the other day. While the words and writing are beautiful as it is poetic, each story points to a bigger picture of this big God story that began with creation. Each story points to this greater love story that Jesus has with us as his people, starting in the Garden of Eden. And after the Fall of man, we see how this plan was set into motion for God to love his people, and ultimately, be with them by sending Emmanuel. God with us, Jesus. While the book is penned for children, it is a very good read for adults too.
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Caleb loves images with boats in waves. And this one is funny due to the thrashing man holding on for dear life while there is the peacefully undisturbed Jesus.
One of the things I will say about the Jesus Storybook, is that a lot of bible stories are omitted. A lot. So it's a good book to have in conjunction with other Children's bible texts. As of now however, it is my favorite. There was only one story I kind of skipped over and didn't like how they wrote it as much. I don't remember which one right now.

The last few stories read with Caleb were about the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. He has since asked me twice if we can read about the Jesus cross story. I thought this was at least slightly interesting, and asked him, "Why do you want to read that bible story?" His reply, "Because love kept him up on that cross."

The story of the cross is one that I have been concerned with sharing with Caleb in his young age. But I have learned quickly not to underestimate him. He understands a lot more than any of us realize. Even if he is repeating parts of a story, it stays with him.

You know, I am sick. I have a cold. Caleb is sick too and I was up half the night with him. He had a climbing fever and his little body kept shaking. He told me he was scared and he kept thinking he was going to throw up because he felt so awful. I knew he wasn't going to puke, that's just not the kind of illness he had. But that's how bad he felt and the only way he could describe it. He's as sweet loving as ever, even during these times. And then there's his mom. I am tired. I feel crappy and I have to be at work at 8am tomorrow morning after dropping Caleb off at school at 7:30am. This evening I was cranky. Caleb had two melt downs. The first being over his new gloves he was trying on being too big for his little hands, and his fingers would not go into each finger hole. I just get done what needs to get done and get cranky. I'm lucky Caleb has grace for me. Kids are amazing creatures. They understand more than we know. The forgive more than we do. They extend grace and they trust easily.

Anyway, I should go. I do feel pretty "icky" after all.

Grace and Peace to you tonight.

"How marvelous, how boundless, is your love?..."