Random blog post that turned into lamenting about waiting and job searching.

1) Trippy thought-What if I lived during a time where there was no such thing as photography? Everyone knows I am a photo freak. It's true. It's always been this way, ever since I was young with my multiple rolls of disposable cameras. I would systematically use them up, then walk to Stater Brothers', put that disposable Kodak camera in a filled out paper envelope, and drop it in the station to be developed and picked up at a later date. It is a trip to think of what might have been had I lived in an age with no documentation.

2) Caleb speaks better than some of the full grown adults do. Yesterday he described something as "ferocious". It is so funny to hear the sentences that come out of his mouth. He still sounds like a three and a half year old, but he speaks and acts like he thinks like an adult. Sadly, I can't even think of one of his complex, yet grammatically correct sentences right now as an example. It just happens all the time. Makes me wish I could remember forever.

3) Joyful waiting. I am sure I have talked about this before. Waiting. Waiting/hoping/seeking a new job. And whatever else. Today I just got this sense of being joyful during these times of waiting. Sometimes this joy comes naturally, like today, when I was surrounded by this community of God's love at my friend's church. It made waiting feel easy. {Joyful. Exciting. Expectant.} But it is easy for that to fade away, as you get back to other parts of life, like work, and seeing the same white walls of your office. It can be easy for one day to melt into another. As of now, I have found that it has been very helpful to incorporate God into my day. You know, I should anyway. But being mindful of him. Worshiping while driving. Doing a She Reads Truth devotional, these things help. These sort of things remind me to be faithful in the waiting. But really, can I just get a new job already? ;)

4) It is not uncommon for Caleb to say to me, "Do you want to hang out together?" The next steps include him bringing me into his room, then shutting and locking the door. A successful hang out includes no one leaving the room. Possibly some form of role play, fearsome faces, or trains.

5) I am still job searching. I know, it must be weary to hear. I am weary saying it. Tonight I was upset about STILL SEARCHING. I have applied and looked all night. I don't know why it is so difficult. Not to "toot my own horn" (Oh gosh I think I might sound like my Wisconsin friend Leah right now...), but I really think I have a lot to offer. I am very determined and super adaptable. I care about people and am naturally emphatic. I easily adjust and learn new things. I am very good with any new technology and softwares. CAN I JUST GET A NEW JOB PLEASE!!!!! Good lord. Can you tell I have been writing cover letters all night? Whew.

6) Ok so for number 5, I need to refer back to number 3, about you know, JOYFUL waiting. I wrote that (and numbers 1 thru 4) on Sunday night. I just came back to the draft to be a debbie downer. I am not feeling so joyful right now. But this is the deal with w-a-i-t-i-n-g. It is arduous and painful. But I have to believe that God has a plan in it all. He sees the outcome and knows where I am heading. I just have to keep trusting. It is hard. I am tired. I really am ready for a challenging job at the very least. I think this issue of waiting should be its own blog post. Not gonna happen right now. Still, I know myself and a lot of others my age who are stuck in this time of waiting for all kinds of things. Jobs. Opportunities. Relationships. Moving. Progressing. Whatever it may be for people, I know I am not alone in this. I think for me, I just need to trust, trust, believe, trust. God knows what I need, when I need it. I am mindful of this. But damn, it's not easy. That's for sure.

7) Caleb and I went to Bruxie the other day. I wasn't in love with the place. I am willing to go again. I favor fresher foods, anyway. Not that my eating patterns indicate this.

Ok, ending this random numbered blog post now to shoo myself to bed. I have accomplished nothing today in my house. I worked, hung out with Caleb, and then mowed through job stuff until now. Sigh.

Ending this with a photo of a particularly handsome child. Seriously. (Blast, tooting my own horn again?! What is happening? Bragging about offspring doesn't count... :)).
Boy encounters mini golfing.
(Inevitably this also means, golf ball meets nearby body of water).

Night to all.