San Diego Zoo

Today Jessie and I took Caleb to the San Diego Zoo for his first time ever. It was my goal to take him during his winter break from school, but his aunt and uncle made it his Christmas gift for us to go. Super kind. And generous. They even made him his own admission ticket. 
Cute, huh?
It was a successful trip. We left early in the morning and arrived to the park half and hour after they opened. It was a nice day, not being too hot or too cold. And there weren't insane crowds. 
My favorite animal sighting was oddly, the hippopotamus. I know they are amazing creatures, but my favorite animal is the lion. Yet today, I stood face to face with a Hippo and only a incredibly thick piece of glass between us. I don't know, just watching that animal glide and bounce through the water. Standing before this large, absolutely dangerous, yet disarming creature, was a stunning experience all on its own. Jessie seemed to have a similar experience with the gorilla today. She has a known dislike towards the monkey species in general, so this makes it even more surprising. 
This zoo was a lot easier to get around then I remember. Caleb seemed to enjoy his day. I really don't have any complaints. From the many factors that could go wrong on a day long trip (9:30 am to past 4pm) with a toddler, it really was an overall success. I thank God and my faithful traveling companions for that. 
It is amazing how many creatures there are in this world. Truly, most of them are beautiful in their own different ways. 
Lions are my favorite.
Caleb loves maps. So does Jessie.
Look how long, pink, and straight their necks are. 
"Caleb take a picture with me and the totem poles!" Nope. 
Caleb's face. I know. Not a fan of koalas? Pictures? Lack of food? Who knows. 

But he was checking them out!

Look at that camel's attitude. I love it.

Black silhouette with white polar bear.

Conserve Water (taken for Kaitlin).


Caleb's first time riding a double decker bus. Big deal? Sort of. As much as he loves vehicles and machines, he doesn't like riding things. Like, not even a carousel. 

This hyena kept ruffling up his (or her) back hair while running with a huge bone. 

Back to back with a gorilla. Pretty sure you can also see Caleb. And definitely Jessie. Still, pretty amazing, this creature.

They seem to be giving a similar expression.
 Everyone seemed to have this unspoken consensus of wanting cotton candy. Personally I think it looks and feels better than it is.

Yeah, he really didn't eat that much. At all. But it is so fun to touch and look at it!

We went home after this, and Caleb fell asleep in the car. We got home closer to 6pm, just in time to make tacos for dinner. Taking off work for days like this is highly advisable.  :) And the San Diego Zoo is pretty easy to get through in one day. The animals are surprisingly up close and beautiful. No wonder that place has a reputation for the best zoo around! Great first trip, on a great day!