Ways I Catch My Kid Sleeping

Most of you have seen this wild boy in action. Squealing, jumping, playing, yelling, interacting, and  imagining as hard as he can for as long as he can. Here is the aftermath. Starting from the early hours of 6 am and on (improvement, it used to be 4:30 am), this child awakens with an energy and zeal matched by no adult. Humans have to be pint sized to have the kind of energy source this kid does. Waking up for me and other adults can  often be described as a slow, unwanting process. We'd rather lay enveloped in the warmth of our beds. Or maybe I'm just describing me and the bulk of my non-morning people friends. I don't greet the morning with a crisp delight. In fact, as a practice amongst many of my past roommates, we just didn't speak in the morning. For a while. We just...groaned or grunted and pointed. I am sure this sounds much more primitive than it is. It seems completely natural once it is taking place.  Anyway, Caleb wakes up running and doesn't stop until his little body gives up and falls in place wherever it's at. 

Like this.

Nap time. "GET IN YOUR BED", he hears his mom . And she is using her stern mean voice. What he proceeds to do instead, is to be a knight. Because that's way more awesome than sleep. This works out for him right up until the time he collapses into slumber whilst in Knight mode. It's amazing he was even in his bed at all. Thank stern mom voice for that. 
I never know what i'll see when I check on him for bed. This time I see him just kicking back...Sleeping. 
Pint sized toddlers feel with their entire beings. Their view of the world goes to all three to four feet of them, but they feel each emotion with its entire frequency.  So when he tells me he "does not  need a nappy, ever, ever, EVER," he means it. But you know, parents really, sometimes, do know best. Because knight or not, THE BOY HAS GOT TO NAP.
And when he doesn't, a nap finds him. Knight, or not. 
Here we have the classic bed time ruse which backfired. Bed time rolls around, and he tries getting out of bed 15 million times. He gets in and out of bed so much, his body just gives up on him and goes, "SLEEP. HERE. NOW." So there.
Sometimes he'll just be walking by one moment, then splayed out on the floor passed out the next.. Of course this is again subsequently following a day of nap refusal. 
How I find him in bed for the night sometimes. Who knows how this happens.
The toy clench. Classic. 
Passed out on the couch, after another exhausting, exciting day, of being him.  :)

While he parties hard, he always has to crash at some point. Maybe someday he will learn this. Until then, I can look forward to more days and nights of seeing his dead tired body passed out with hidden trucks and books in his bed. And I can count on seeing him asleep in a variety of positions.