Chinese New Year 2014

This year we celebrated the Chinese New Year on Saturday! The New Year was on Friday, January 31. For the first time, Caleb wore his jacket that was given to him from our family in Taiwan. He loved it because it was his dragon coat.
Jessie came over after work and drove with us to meet my sister Christine and brother in law David at China Palace. They gave us some gifts from my mom (a frequenter at your nearest dollar store, she loads up on stuff all the time). They also gave us our own red envelopes! They were unable to find the traditional red envelopes, so my sister improvised with what they had. Still, it was a wonderful idea and I loved it. We ate a bountiful meal at China Palace, and even got another red envelope from one of the managers or owners there! I just love it because it's another item of tradition to begin.
During the dinner, Caleb aspired to use chopsticks for the first time. He actually didn't do such a bad job!
After dinner, we split ways and Jessie and I came to my place with Caleb. After he went to bed, we watched Sherlock and talked far too late into the night.
Caleb also celebrated the Chinese New Year at his school with treats.

Overabundance of photos from our time: