Weekend Update (Today and last)

I was laying in bed last night when I heard the sound of water dripping into my toilet. It turns out, there was a crack in my ceiling. Right away, I envisioned my upstair's neighbor's toilet crashing down through my bathroom ceiling. Of course I knew that wasn't going to happen. I emailed my apartment complex about it and went to bed. Today I learned by the apartment management that the cracked ceiling is a result of leaking pipes. SOOOOoooo! I am without a bathroom for the next several days. No big deal. I just have all my bathroom crap hanging out in my room.

The (most wonderful) maintenance guys will be stripping my ceiling, fixing the pipes, plastering it all up, and more. There is still a lot of wetness in the ceiling, so they have a humidifier going and literally taped the bathroom door shut. Caleb has informed me that I am simply without a bathroom, because surely, I cannot use his. It's "boys only". So considerate! ;)

Because of all this, the apartment management had the guys leave a card on my counter with two free movie tickets!!! COMPLETELY unnecessary, but I am pretty excited about free movie tickets! If anyone deserves free tickets though, it's those maintenance guys.

Photo taken today at a pumpkin patch of Kaitlin, C, & I. C is eyeing where to bolt next.

Last weekend we went on a hike and to Bruxie with Kaitlin, John Todd, and Kait's parents who were visiting! It was another beautiful day out in Santiago Oaks Regional Park with very, very good people. 

The face of a hungry (little) man. Mood: Grump. 

Last Sunday, Caleb and I had lunch at the Spectrum and then ran some errands. It started off rough because he was a hungry boy. Not to generalize, but it seems that for most males, there is a direct correlation between level of grumpiness and food intake. Just saying.

Afterwards, we were at a store where Caleb happened upon a stuffed animal giraffe larger than himself. He asked me to photograph he, the giraffe, and a fellow stuffed dog. 

Kait's parents gave Caleb some pilot goggles. 

It's safe to say he liked them.

Have a good weekend!