thought list random

Hi friends. :) I am tired but I felt the need to contribute to my blog. I'll just do a random thought list here. 

  1. "You'e not big enough, pal!"-That's what my kid said to me yesterday. He also told me that Russians have no heads. Or, "noggins", rather. Don't ask. I have no idea.
  2. Yesterday Kaitlin and I spent the day in Downtown LA. It was good, but we both agree we will spend time elsewhere next time we take time out of our lives for exploring. While we are both accustomed to DTLA, we love going back. This time though, we were somewhat disappointed to see local businesses being closed out in lieu of new hipster -esque places taking over. We did check out some hipster noodle place that had no noodles when we were there.  It was subpar, at best. We also stopped at Big Man Bakes-this AMAZING cupcakery. You must go. I was already feeling sick at that point, but I still ate a strawberry cupcake. While it might have sealed my doom to illness, it was totally worth it. 
  3. I have not been feeling fall here, folks. Not at all. Today I made a terrible judgement call and wore tights, riding boots, a sundress and a cardigan to work. It was around 90 degrees. I never went outside once, but my colleagues came back burned and drenched after a ten minute stint of standing outside. Even in the office, I wanted to take off my tights and boots and let loose. LA, WHERE IS YOUR AUTUMN? To my credit, I was deceived this morning because I left my apartment in Irvine at 7am. It was cold and foggy. Didn't know the wrath of God would rain down on LA with the scorching heat, again. I think we are all ready for cooler temps. Right??! And maybe some rain?! I hear there's a terrible drought here, after all. BAGH!
  4. Due to my not feeling the season, we haven't done much of my fall checklist. Caleb continues to condemn me for my lack of Halloween decor. I have some garlands up. And pumpkins. Can that not be enough? Sigh. I am too tired to think about how I might suck this year. Although, we DID paint pumpkins the other day this week and have another pumpkin to carve. Carving is not my favorite. I think I would rather avoid the whole ordeal altogether. BUT, the kid is eager, so I will suck it up. 
  5. We did get a Halloween costume. He decided on becoming a ninja. I don't blame the boy. It sounds pretty rad. Especially since I spent 7 additional dollars for his own ninja sword when he already has other swords at his disposal at home. 
  6. I am tired. I just said that at least three times, I know. But I am also sick too. I should be in bed but I am the worst at putting myself to bed. Please tell me I am not alone with this....? Anyway, I work hard. I can truly say that just straight up. I mean, I have a lot going on with my work and being a full time single working mom. I also have serious stress inducing things coming up, unrelated to work. BUT, I can say, that I am good. Despite being sick and a little exhausted, I am so good. I just recognize constantly, even in the tired mess that I can be, how grateful and blessed I am to have what I have and even be who I am. I am grateful to have this center that is most often, so sure of who I am and why. I am grateful to God for these things and grateful for you, my friends, for being you. 

Photos from LA and C doing his thing-

Now I have to peel my exhausted self off this internet and procrastinate doing something else.