#exporewiththomas at the #discoverysciencecenter

"Up or down, I could still bolt. Even in your arms."-says Caleb upon seeing this photo. "Chill" is not really a word I would describe for him super often. 

Alisa Newman from Alisa Viejo Macaroni Kid asked if I would be interested in attending an event at The Discovery Science Center to see the opening of the new Thomas the Train exhibit. Kaitlin went with Caleb and I, and we got in free to see a screening of the new Thomas movie, "Tale of the Brave." Caleb also got three different goodie bags-one having a blueray of the new movie and an awesome hardcover book! Caleb is still wearing my media badge hours later.

When we first arrived, it was a little after 8am. We parked far in the back and walked around the construction of the building, with many other families there who were with eager kids. 

We waited in the dinosaur area until we were escorted in. We were the "Media". Ha! I like it.  The dinosaur area was new to us. We have been at the Discovery Center before, but had never seen this before. It was awesome

It was a promising start. Next, we were escorted to the theater where we met Sir Topham Hatt, the real deal. The hitch with that, is that Caleb has never liked Sir Topham Hatt. Not on his toddlerhood, and not now. Here was our attempt at being photographed with the guy. It went well.

Yeah, he was telling other kids that he does not like "Mr Thompson Hat" because he is so boring and he only likes people that are not like him. He also told other kids that surely, they did NOT want their picture with that man, he certainly didn't. Other kids did want pictures with him though, despite his entreaties. 

After that, we were excused to explore the exhibit! Caleb was so excited this morning for this. He woke up chanting, "'ISCOVERY CENTER! 'ISCOVERY CENTER!" Over and over again. He also chastised me for laying in bed and not getting up promptly to get ready and leave. It was 5:59am when this began. I thought we had some time.

The exhibit was filled with the the Land of Sodor-Train tables for every age group. One massive one in the middle where all the kids clambered around with their imaginations. There was an interactive model Percy and Thomas. Caleb was mostly transfixed with Percy. Percy showed how steam engines run, using coal and water. The kids had to see if they could get Percy running again because he was out of both! Here are photos from the exhibit. We also saw some of Spooky Science, and exhibit that will be showcased at the Discovery Center next weekend. 

At 10am, we met back in the theater for the showing of The Tale of the Brave. Caleb had met a new friend earlier, and they were fast friends. After the movie, the kids got awesome goodie bags, and played in the center more. I think it's safe to say that all the kids loved it. It was filled with lots of families who were able to enjoy this space which features educational and scientific play for kids with wonder and curiosity. All of the activities Caleb liked today were the ones that he was able to problem solve or get his hands on, like changing the stakes of a train or finding a new wheel. 

Thanks to Alisa for asking us to do this event for her! And thanks for the Discovery Center for the many continuos exhibits and activities they have for kids like this. Caleb had a blast.