My burst lip.

My boy is boisterous and rowdy. He climbs up the sides of walls and runs at me full body force. He knows exactly what he is doing. Today as I was cooking, Caleb was playing in the other room and I cut my lip really bad. It oozed blood and puffed up. Caleb was alarmed. He told me that he wouldn't even tackle me, which is showing some real concern on his end. This happened right before I began to cook dinner, and there was no turning back. So, I held an ice pack to my bleeding lip, and with the other hand I sautéed brussels sprouts, roasted sweet potatoes, and made ginger sesame chicken.  I am glad to say Caleb liked it and ate it all up (besides the brussels sprouts).

After dinner, he came to me and put his hands on my head to get a look at my lip. He dabbed the blood with a paper towel, told me it was looking a little better and that God did that. Then he told me the next step was ice packs. Watching him care for me like a little doctor is almost surreally sweet.

The other day, we read Bear Feels Sick. Bear's friends take care of him as he is sick, and when his friends get sick, he cares for them. Caleb told me that it was just like how I take care of him, and that he will take care of me when I'm sick too. Then he looked down with a bit of gloom and said, "But I don't know how!" I told him that as he grew, he would learn. And I don't think he realized it, but today a few days after that conversation, he did. 

Above: School picture day yesterday!