This gorgeous, glorious Friday. Day after Thanksgiving (for the win)!

Guys, it is Friday, and I have had a full two days of break. Yesterday I woke up feeling like it was Saturday, and today I woke up feeling like I had one day left before the work madness commenced again for the week. Luckily, oh so luckily, I was wrong, and this feeling was simply that-A feeling, born out of habit. It is so good to have a break from the rat race. I know when I go back to work on Monday, I will have to fight to remain somewhat calm from all of the work I will have. It's going to be UNREAL. Trust me when I say that a minimum of 300 emails are probably awaiting me, along with a pile of time sensitive and urgent matters, some of which could lead to costing hundreds of dollars if not swiftly attended to. Because of all of this, leaving for this long break was hard for me on Wednesday. Normally that would feel glorious and welcomed, but I left my work feeling great hesitation and unrest because of the amount needing attention. 

Either way, I GUESS I have needed this break. Yesterday Caleb and I were mostly holed up at home, as I cooked and we hung out and had our cozy Thanksgiving meal together. Then later, I embarked on a glorious run and then took a glorious, private shower. I say private because if I don't wait until Caleb is in bed, my showers run the risk of interruptions. There's a lack of peace. BUT, my sister was watching him, and so I let it go and was free to truly be alone and not worry about him destroying my house in my short absence. It was wonderful. I even used some of my Lavender body scrub. :) 

Today was a gorgeous day. The day just oozed and dripped with beauty. Everyone remarked on it. I went on *another* gorgeous jog this morning. This time I had to take the child, so I strapped him in my (borrowed) jogging stroller and off we went. It was beautiful and OH SO GOOD to be outside again. I love the night, but also being out in the crisp warmth of the morning was beautiful.

My neighborhood and where I run and walk most of the time. Today I jogged the lake this morning with Caleb, and then went on an evening with with Caleb and Kaitlin doing the same route. 

Everyone outside remarked what a gorgeous day it was and said good morning as Caleb and I jogged on today. Yes, this is what our day after Thanksgiving looks like. Such goodness.

A snapshot Caleb demanded I captured. This is the bridge going over to the lake.

I have so enjoyed and loved being active again the last two days. Usually I am working and stressed, and then have to get Caleb and I deal with his dinner and bed and all that entails. Being able to enjoy the day has been remarkable. 

After our morning's gorgeous jog, Caleb and I went to Fullerton to see Amy. We went to the nearby airport for small and privately owned planes and hung out there for a few hours with Amy's sister in law and her adorable and impressively smart 2 year old nephew. The aviation folk there were incredibly kind and generous with their time and space. People pulled up in their private planes to refuel or land. One gentlemen was a doctor and offered his plane for the boys to check out the cockpit. It was amazing!

My favorite plane was this 1944 beauty. Our new friend Danna offered to allow Caleb to climb up the side of the plane and hop in the cockpit. Gorgeous. This plane was my absolute favorite.

Below: Here is our beloved Amy and a shot of an open hangar where two new planes are being built. Danna is explaining part of the process to Caleb. What a nice lady!

After our time at the Fullerton Muncipal Airport, we got lunch and ate at Amy's place. We walked to the park and then the neighborhood before Caleb and I left to go home. Kaitlin came over in the evening where we ate almost an entire dish of brownies. We further stuffed ourselves on leftover Thanksgiving food and then went for an evening walk around the walk. This was our Friday-Filled with gorgeous skies and beautiful weather, some of my dearest friends, and far too much food that is not good for you. It was a good, good day. 

And, the "weekend" is just begun as of tomorrow. Enjoy some of that leftover pie, folks. :)