Fall '14 Tradition Idea List Review

I know I might be close to beating the holiday tradition topic to death, but it's a deeply personal pursuit for me. I have said that I come with no traditions of my own, so I have sought to make my own as a single mother to a son. If I am ever married, I think this is something to discuss and decide on going forward as far as new traditions to combine and implement. But as of now, covering every holiday, so far I am pretty proud of what we've done. It's okay if your family isn't into this stuff and doesn't do it. It's just a personal thing for me to do in my home, and so I do. I am not crazy with all of it, but I do make an effort. This year the effort has been less....I just have not been feeling it on the holiday front. But we did do our usual tree of gratitude, and while I wasn't regularly adding new leaves to our tree, I believe it worked its purpose in creating a visual of fostering gratitude. Today Kaitlin told me of how Caleb told her about the tree of gratitude and what it is all about. I am grateful to hear this news, because it shows me that the tree of gratitude worked. The point is to foster a mindfulness of things to be grateful about. And Caleb has done this. Sometimes he will tell me of things he is grateful for just out of nowhere. Good, good things. I call this, a win. :)

Here was our list for this year of Fall Traditions Ideas for 2014 and how we fared with everything.

Happy Fall '14!

  1. Decorate the house for fall √
  2. Make Pumpkin Apple Muffins with Caleb! √ 
    • I think we did this? We definitely made Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins together.
  3. Make soup, maybe Italian Wedding Soup 
    • Didn't do this, but I might during December. It has not felt like soup weather AT ALL!!
  4. Bake a fresh apple pie
    • I would love to do this, but it is a lot of work (that I enjoy, actually) for no one but me to eat it. Caleb isn't crazy about baked fruit desserts. Blegh... :/ 
  5. Fall cartoon and apple cider √
    • For Valentines, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, I have the classic Charlie Brown cartoons that I like to put on each holiday at least once! Another little tradition... :) We watch other holiday related movies too. Yesterday we also saw Garfield and some other stuff. And for Christmas we have Veggie Tales Christmas movies we watch too.
  6. Go to a pumpkin patch √
  7. Decorate or carve a pumpkin √
  8. Roast marshmallows over a fire-Nah, but I am not feeling a lack here at all.
  9. Bake pumpkin bread-No!! I usually do every year! Not this time.
  10. Play a board game √
    • Impromptu Candyland and a semi annoying hippo game.
  11. Eat breakfast for dinner √
    • Probably? I did pumpkin pancakes twice for sure but maybe not for dinner. 
  12. Take a family photo √
  13. Attend a fall festival √
    • We went to Trick or Trunk at Amanda's church for Halloween. I'll count that.
  14. Make pumpkin pie √
    • Yessiree....I did this Thanksgiving day! Crust edges were burnt. The rest was good!
  15. Go on a nature walk and collect leaves
    • Nope. Great idea though. :)
  16. Have a picnic -Yeah, did not happen. Again, great idea though. :)
    • Perhaps at Fullerton Arboretum.
  17. Fall art/craft ideas: -No fall crafts were completed. 
  18. Tree of Gratitude √
  19. Trick or Treat in the neighborhood √
  20. Halloween costume shop √
  21. Read Halloween/Thanksgiving books √
  22. Halloween home dance party? √

Another thing we do every year (yes, ANOTHER FREAKING TRADITION!!!!  ;) ) is that the weekend after Thanksgiving, I take down all Fall decorations and put up my Christmas stuff. Each year, we go and get our Christmas tree with my sister and brother in law. Usually I feed everyone and if it's not too late for Caleb, we decorate the tree. We plan to do this tomorrow and I have already taken down my Fall stuff. :) 

Christmas season is upon us, and that's a WHOLE other ballgame in our house, as we do Advent tradition in conjunction with Christmas. Last year Caleb loved it, so I might just repeat what we did. Here is my list from last year of what ideas there were and some of what we did. I'll come up with a new list for this year soon. 

Happy Holidays, friends!! Go be jolly!