{2014} Christmas Day

Happy day after Christmas! Here is a quick recap in what our 2014 Christmas was like. Caleb spent the morning with his dad's family, so I was alone. I decided to do one of my favorite things-Hike. I set out to find Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park and ran/hiked through parts of it. The best.

After hiking through this glory, I went home to eat and shower and get Caleb from his grandparents.

We had Christmas at our house:

Then we went to my sister's house, where she and my brother in law hosted their first Christmas evening at their house. Usually I host holidays, but it sure was nice to have someone else do all the work for once! And they did a great job at that.

By the way, that epic card of myself as a child was from my mom. Best card ever, and oh so true. I was a handful as a child. 

We had a birthday cake for Jesus and we always read the Christmas story from the book of Luke. We also had my mom's dear friend Ludmilla join us, as well as my brother in law's good friend James over. It was nice and fun. :) Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas, everyone!