*Old post found, written circa 12/4/2014*

"Getting dressed for school is the priority right now Caleb! "Theres no such thing as a pi-oh-de!"

Caleb stood before me in a huff, furrowing his brow in a stance that spoke his challenge.

I grabbed a shirt from his closet that was God forbid, had stripes on it. Caleb hollered, "THAT IS SO HANDSOME! We need to donate all handsome shirts Mom!" He hates "handsome". Frankly I find it amusing that he does.  It goes along with who he is. He prefers comfort and what might be cool over style, any day. So funny how people are different. 

He opted to wear a dinosaur shirt to school which barely made the cut of cool. 

I was called by the director of Caleb's school today. Every time I see his schools name come up on my phone as calling me, I get an instant feeling of dread. What is it this time? A head bump? Cut eye? Those we can handle fine. It's the sick calls I hate the most. Today Penny told me that he had a climbing fever. Within fifteen minutes the fever was at 103.3. I gave him medicine and by the time it wore off, he spiked at 104.4. Every four hours the meds wear off and his fear rear's its ugly head. 

I am a working mama. And this title describes my life-I work, and I mother. I appreciated my old neighbor Abbas who was exceedingly kind. He'd call me #1 mom and in his old age, bend over and kiss my boy. It's not that I am a #1 anything. What I appreciated, was his observation about how we live. I work, and I care for my son. I care about my job, and when I get the call that my son is sick, it's hard because it brings to front the tension therein lies while being a working mom. You want to do a good job at work, and you want to do a good job doing the mama thing. Sometimes with both worlds collide at bad times, it's hard. But you do your best, and you care for that child. 

What's secretly great about a sick kid, is at least you get to love on them and give yourself to them in a different way. Because above all else, as important as my work truly is to me, THAT is my "pi-od-de". I just hope not to get any of those sick calls anytime soon. ;)