Local Hikes Success!

On Saturday I took Caleb to Santiago Oaks Regional Park. It was beautiful and easy. There are a lot of trails, big and small. So it is a good place for someone who wants a more serious hike, or someone like me who is bringing an unwilling toddler. I would like hikes of greater difficulty, but am limited to being happy we got out when toting around Caleb.

He's not an enthusiastic participant of these sort of things. His highlight of the entire experiences was the playground they had there. There are bathrooms and tables for people to bring food to, which is a nice bonus.

I take Caleb to all kinds of places. Places varying in differences like Santiago Oaks, to places like Los Angeles. I think it's very important that he gets out and pushes out of his comfort level of Irvine and wanting to play locally. Those things are both great, certainly so. But he isn't natural to wanting to do trips like going on hikes. He would be just as happy to stay around home, as long as he has a pal to play with. Again, this isn't a bad thing. But I think it's important to get him out and doing this. If I feed into his desire not do things, it would not help him to grow and it won't give him new experiences and challenges to overcome.

On that note, today was a big day for us. Jessie and I took Caleb and Indie (her Dalmatian dog) to meet our friend's Kaitlin and Tommy in LA to hike to the Hollywood sign. 


It took us an hour and a half to get to Sunset Blvd. In N Out to meet Tommy for lunch. Caleb was in good spirits the entire time, besides some minor insults he unknowingly gave Indie. One being that Jessie ought to take her to the dog dentist. He told her that Indie opened her mouth and he saw that her teeth were all messed up. Indie heard this and glowered. 

We finally had lunch at In N Out, and headed out to to go to the Hollywood Hills sign.

Pre Hike Lunch at In N Out on Sunset Blvd.
  At the very top of the Hollywood Hills sign! Woo!

At the very top of the Hollywood Hills sign! Woo!

The hike was a successful as can be. Caleb alternated from being an "African coyote" to human boy. Each of us seemed to naturally switch off in watching him or keeping him on track to move forward. We made it to the very top of the Hollywood Hills sign and were all surprised and happy about this. None of us knew how far we'd make it with Caleb. But Caleb did an extraordinarily good job and exceeded all of our expectations.

Last hike I want to share was done on Kaitlin's birthday on February 8th. It's worth a mention here for sure. John Todd, Kaitlin and I went and "off roaded" hiked around, paving our own ways and finding the paths again. We hiked through the Back Bay Loop. We found it through Yelp, but here is a someone's blog I just found on the trail that seems to be a nice introduction to the hike: Newport Back Bay Loop

Kaitlin's birthday hike photos with John Todd:

Living in Orange County, California, we are so fortunate to have "winters" like this. We are so lucky to have this sun and this calm. So let's get out there and enjoy it! Looking forward to more new hikes to come.