Intentional Easter 2014

We haven't done much for Easter in previous years. This year I wanted to be more intentional with ideas. As usual, we have a few Easter books that C can grab to read at anytime. I also want to read from The Jesus Storybook Bible Easter Advent style. We did Advent reading from this book during Christmas time, and it was very good. I found a shortened eight day easter reading plan from another mom blogger. It's pretty straight forward. Last year, I read a lot out of The Beginner's Bible during Easter time, so we may do that book to if Caleb wants to. I also made a short list of possible crafts and activities to do with him during the month. 

The purpose of my preemptive planning is so that we are intentional with doing both fun, traditional, and meaningful things, while keeping in mind why we celebrate this time at all. 

Easter Reading Plan from The Jesus Storybook Bible


Washed with Tears


The Servant King


A dark night in the garden

Good Friday

The sun stops shining

(Note: We might move any Good Friday readings or activities to Saturday since he may not be home Friday night). 


Communion time? 

Easter Sunday

God’s Wonderful Surprise


Corresponding Reading taken from The Beginner’s Bible:

  • A Gift for Jesus
  • The True King
  • A Poor Widow’s Gift
  • Washing the Disciples’ Feet
  • The Last Supper
  • Jesus Is Arrested and Crucified
  • Jesus Is Risen!

Stories can be found from pages 423-458. Certain stories can be omitted as desired and read along with the Jesus Storybook plan.


Activities Planned

 I might just put this in his Easter basket and go over it with                                        him then. We'll see!

I might just put this in his Easter basket and go over it with                                        him then. We'll see!

Jelly Bean Prayer  (There are lots of these online but this is the one I liked).

Resurrection Rolls

Shaving Cream Painted Eggs

Papier-mache easter eggs

Easter Wreaths

Other Ideas (that I wont be doing this year):

I recognize Easter is blown out of proportion with the rabbits, horrifying bunny mascots, the aisles of plastic eggs, the unappealing pastels, the packets of fake hay, the candy by the masses, the cheap toys, the baskets, the egg dye and hunt and ETC. I think my Easter attitude may be evolving, because in our family at least, the focus needs to be on Jesus. Not on the bunnies or all of the other things that takes up 4 aisles at any given store during this time of year. So we will do some Easterish type things like egg decorating and a little hunt. I will even give him a basket with more of a faith based spin to it. But above all else, this is a time to remember what Jesus did. This is a time to rejoice in the freedom we have gained through his life. I haven't done a good job recognizing this each year. I haven't really stopped to think about the remarkable actions that lead to this time of celebration we have. I know going on a egg hunt doesn't really accomplish that either, but it is my desire to tie in a a mixture of faith with the other stuff, which is seen through the few simple things I have planned as we go into our next time of Easter, hopefully learning and remembering that "He is risen indeed".