Mom: Student of Life & Weekend Happenings

One way or another, we all are student's of life, as we all (hopefully and ideally) continue to learn and grow. Being a student of life as a mom is an experience unlike any other and has put me in a unique position to experience these elements of childhood. It also provides ample opportunities to embrace moments of what matters in life most.

Throughout my life, I have gripped onto my independence because I had to figure things out for myself and be my own parent in a lot of ways. Having a child forced me to relinquish some of that control. Besides that, it  has also caused me to value the relationships I have with my family more. I am now very intentional in creating moments of time with them with holidays and creating traditions together. I've had to define what matters to me and what that all that looks like. While it is always a work in progress, now, being almost four years into this mothering thing, I am relatively happy with how far we have come and this family life I have facilitated. We have traditions. We have people whom we love. We have our life. I recognize and am proud of all of those things.

Sometimes I kneel down and look at Caleb's face. I see those deep young eyes and squishy chunky cheeks. These moments bring me back to what matter's in life in being present for my boy. It reminds me to meet him where he is at and love him regardless, always, and unconditionally. In turn, this child teaches me about childlike imagination, curiosity, elementary yet life giving things like hugs, spending time together without the busyness, and so much more. For him, I am challenged to do all kinds of things that are outside my range of natural comfort. Like play-dates. And becoming a baseball mom (which somewhat surprisingly so, I have done more eagerly than ever expected).

So, here are images from this weekend alone that show my precious little boy keeping this mama young.

First up, Caleb's first baseball game. 

Caleb's grandparents had him overnight because I had some issues to address with my car. They were more than happy to take him to his practice Friday night and to come to his first baseball game Saturday morning. His grandfather loves baseball and has coached since Caleb's dad and uncle were close to his age. Getting up before 8am to be at the baseball field for Caleb wasn't easy for him. And yet he was there with Caleb's grandma on her birthday. After his game, which went very well considering his team is comprised of kids under the age of 5, Caleb and I met his grandparents for lunch for his Nana's birthday. We picked out our own bouquet for her comprised of a flower called spider mums and brought her a yummy birthday cupcake.

During the baseball game when Caleb was up to bat, he looked up and told his coach, "This could be a bat-sword. Then the bat-sword would come down and slice the ball in half." The coach replied, "That's great but right now let's just hit the ball." Oh, kid. 

Later that evening, I decided to craft with my child. Let this be known, that this is always a big deal for me. I would much rather do something outside pretty much anytime. But, kid's like this sort of thing, and this craft was as easy as can be and included Fruit Loops for me to eat. Win/win. Below is our St. Patrick's Day craft success.

Today Caleb and I went to the local library. I love libraries. Any place with books is good with me. When I was little, the library was one of my favorite places. Every summer I would check out 50 books at a time and read the entire stack. I would sit in the aisles and pour over the works of fiction and nonfiction. The original American Girl stories, Little House on the Prairie, biographies,  C.S. Lewis, Sci-Fi, anything. The library had summer reading programs where you charted the number of books through a full wall game board set up around the room. I would finish the room in no time and collect my cheap little prize. But really, my prize was going to that library and spending my time there doing crafts (yes I liked them as a child) or finding more books to fill my bag. Now I don't have the same time as I used to for the rich pastime of reading. If I could use a day to sit and read at my leisure, I would grasp it gladly. But as it stands, I can barely have my own time to collect books for myself on a day like yesterday. Still, there is something about the rows and rows of books that just catches my breath. That, is magical. 

Loading up his Jeepney with tiny ninjas. 

photo 3.JPG

On a brief Sunday evening walk with my little one. He loves ending up at these frogs. Here he stands on the largest frog, flexing fiercely. Darkness was coming, so you can't see his expression.

photo 5.JPG
photo 1.JPG

Sometimes, being a student of life as a mom is so refreshing, as those little buggers challenge you to get down to what really matters. Yesterday evening my inclination was, "We have to get to the store. WE HAVE NO MILK OR PIZZA TOPPINGS FOR OUR PIZZA CRUST." (WORLD IS ENDING). But Caleb was too wound up for such nonsense and instead was like, "NOoo! WALK! WALK! WALK! WALK!" So we went on a walk. And it was so necessary for the both of us. Life giving, I tell ya. And such a good way to step away from the to-do's and the busyness I am so inclined to while giving an evening to something more life enriching. Sunday walks outside with the beautiful sunset with my boy, followed by reading some good library book finds. :) Till next time.