Weekend Highlights! Family here, family there...

This past weekend like so many others, was packed with faces all over the place. We spent time with family by blood and by nurture. Friday night, Jessie and I dog sat and then went to her house after for some home cookin', a run (well, more like walk-jog), and time in her Jazcuzzi. On Saturday, Caleb and I baked banana bread (butterscotch pecan and regular) and then went to Jessie's house after his nap time. We hung out in the evening doing dinner, a walk to the park, and Caleb's first experience in a nice, warm (but not hot!) Jacuzzi. We ended the night (late) with Caleb's first showing of the 101 Dalmatians.

Sunday, Caleb and I painted lion masks (now named ninja lion mask and Felix). We then went to church, had a patio lunch with my sister and bro-in-law while Caleb watered the plants, checked up on his carrot plant that he is growing there, and then after, a piano lesson with my sister. Later, we went to Heather's birthday party. We met up with Amy and some of Heather's lovely family, and played with our small army of offspring in the pool and Jacuzzi. Heather and Amy are both two members of our C. Street home back in Old Town Tustin. They are two of the women I lived with when I first moved out on my own at age 17 during the summer before my Senior year of high school. Christy was the third member of that little crew, and I recently saw her with Amy at Amanda's bridal shower (stuck a photo in below of that). 

We get to be apart of many different types of families. We have family by blood, whom we were able to see this weekend (which was great) and we also have family by nurture. Some of those faces we saw this weekend includes these people. The women of the C. Street Crew were my second family, the one I escaped to as an adolescent. To this day, we have this interesting, familial bond that remains, no matter the distance of time and space. We come together, and love each other still, except now most of us have kids and some, larger families. We all gather together, pick up on life and resume where we left off. I am grateful for the full hearts we can have with such friends like this. We are so very fortunate to all of these pockets of people who love us, and whom we love. The list is long, and I am grateful for it.