Glasses & Stolen Kisses.

Last night I had a revelation. Why are sleeping kids so much more delicious than when they are ripe with life in the AM? That's right. I just described children as delicious. It's not the norm in my lingo. You know how people describe the adorability of a child based off of their desire to eat them or parts of them? Not my thing. However, there is something about a sleeping babe. It could be the silence that is yearned for from the break of dawn at which point the madness begins. Or it could be their angelic, restful, pause as they sleep blissfully, (hopefully silently) through the night. It's true, something about their sleep can at times help melt away the stress of the day. But no, I have just discovered another thing I love about a sleeping child. 

You get to cuddle them. 

Cheesy, mom van speak or not, I ask my child for a hug and get a head butt. Or a punch in the ass. Or a cackling laugh as he runs away, then sneaks back to hop on my back for a free for all piggy back ride while I am scrubbing the floor. No hugs here, guys. No love for this mama. Just a broken back, a dirty floor, and sometimes a sore ass. So when I peak in on him soundly sleeping, I get the best kisses in ever, ones he never knows about, ones that are met with positive reception rather than a masked pseudo violence of preschool angst. There's no screeching. There's no jumping on my head at the crack of bloody dawn. There's just peacefulness and rest and a free reign fest of cuddles and lovin'. Of course, it is probably against his will, since he is not awake to rise from his bed in revolt. 

Sometimes when I take him to school, he lets me carry him, just for a moment. His body sinks into mine, and I carry that large, ever growing child for a pocket of time. I enforce his independence as much as I can, or at least I try. Parents are far too much of a crutch these days, and I can hardly stand it. Still, I'll take my stolen moments of closeness, even if it means he is using me for an easy ride to the front door of his school. Or giving me hugs as a means to get out of bedtime another moment longer. I'll take it. 

But come nightfall, I will be checking in on him at some point...and it is a mama free for all. ;)

Oh yeah, and as of Friday, my boy babe needs glasses. Here are his first frames. I am waiting until they are ready for pick up after they are fitted with the correct lenses. This should be interesting. 

At least he's cute. Am I right?