Weekend Happenings. Three day? Yes please!

I am in the midst of a three day weekend. Words to describe such a happening include glorious and coveted. Refreshing, would-be mandatory, and necessary are other viable descriptors. I have been gravitating towards being more intentional about rest and space lately. I went to La Jolla to make a day of it a few weeks back, where I took a day off work to be alone.

I don't know what it is about growing older and becoming more of an introvert. People used to not believe it when I told them that I was an introvert, but I think it is more evident as I age. I also recognize that it must sound funny to hear a twenty seven year old describe their growing up process as aging. But I have always felt a lot older than I am. I have always had adult responsibilities long before the age of what was the norm. Part of this is because of my upbringing, living independently while still in high school and assuming adult responsibilities from then on out, and then having a kid right as I graduated college. 

I have made efforts to be intentional with my time in creating space of alone times with myself and God. I have this deep need to withdraw and regroup. I come home from work, and if I am not with Caleb, I am often in simmer mode for awhile before I can even hang out with myself. I have to lend myself rest. 

Lately I have been melancholy. Along with this, I have been tired and busy with adjusting to a new work and a harder commute for us. Even in the melancholy, there have been rich slices of grace, strewn into the daily do's of life. Here are some photos from the weekend thus far. Here has been my joy. Snapshots from daily walks we take in my neighborhood, my very lively (slightly disobedient) boy, and my best friend Kaitlin, getting her boy-loving's in. Our friends John Todd and Kait were over Friday through Saturday, helping watch Caleb while I was at work (and his school was closed), and then we had dinner at Lucille's with Jimmy (who was visiting) and Jessie. Saturday we all went to LA and met up with more friends (from APU) for a get together for Jessie (she leaves tomorrow for Australia). 

Tomorrow is Monday, which is a day off work for Labor Day! Enjoy it richly. :)