A good weekend with my unique child.

Well, it was a pretty good weekend for mama and son over here. Saturday morning after Karate, we drove to the San Clemente Pier. I like that area. Caleb calls it "Gemma's beach". Actually he forgot her name and first referred to her as my friend with the red hair. An accurate description. San Clemente Pier is beautiful. Even though I was woefully ill equipped for beach life as usual, I am glad we made the short trek. 

After getting ice cream at the beach, we went home and did the coveted nap hours. Later my sister and brother in law came over to visit and play, and then we all went out to eat at the Tustin Market Place for some new Taiwanese cuisine.

Upon arriving home, Caleb had a jolly time running naked through the house, wet with his own happy sweat and flushed pink. The other day when we were at my friends house, they set up their bounce house up in their living room. The kids were wet with sweat, and I fear Caleb may have been the worst offender of the bunch. We when he was walking by with his crew we asked him, "Why is your hair wet?" He answered in a very gritty form, "It's because of my sweat." Think Clint Eastwood or someone like that, that's how he sounded. We laughed. 

Yesterday we went to church while Caleb played and ran everyone wild. After that we went to Trader Joes, did lunch and nap, and then made banana bread together. During out Trader's stop, I got Caleb some dried mango. He loves the stuff. I do not. Even with a sniff test, mango is just not my friend. Not in any realm. Caleb must know this. He's a pretty observant guy. He felt the need to present me with a pretty threatening ultimatum saying, "Mommy, you will eat a bite of my yummy dried mango, or I will not sleep." He zeroes in on two things here: One, that I do not like mango and would need some type of threat in order to consider trying it. Two, the most effective threat for such things would be to clearly withhold sleep, as it is any mama's saving grace to hold on to what little shreds of sanity she has left. The child did not let this go. He would hold out little bits of [gross] dried mango to me and say, "Here you go mom! Ready to take a bite of this yummy dried mango?" It never happened. And boy, he did sleep alright. But the fact that he had the mental gumption for all this is  scary, not surprising, and just downright funny. My friend Kaitlin told me, "You've got your hands full." We have known this from the start. There's no doubt about that. I later told Caleb he was a unique child. He asked me, "What does unique mean?" Before I could give him an answer he said, "One of a kind". He gets it.

"Mommy this is my juice face." ...Really dude? 


After lunch, he took a successful nap (not to be deterred by his initial threats), my sister and brother in law came over and joined us at the concert in the park behind our house. We ran into a family that goes to my church who has a son closer to Caleb's age! It was nice visiting with the family and having the kids play, while running around the bounce houses.

Now, it is known that the glorious presence of food trucks make their way to our park every Sunday evening come concert hour. However, all summer long, we have not purchased any food truck food. I know, it's a shame. But I haven't wanted to spend money there because we live next to the park, and it can be expensive. I'd rather us save money and eat at home, even though I am a a definite food truck fan. This time before heading out to the concert in the park (aka bounce houses-the only real lure for my child), Caleb ran into his room telling me, "I need to get my cost! I need to get my cost!" While I was asking him what on earth he was talking about with "his cost", he came back out carrying his (relatively bad ass) stegosaurus dino bank. "This is my cost mama!" He wanted to get himself some good ol' greasy food truck grub with the change from his dino bank. It was too cute to handle or say no to. So we left his "cost" at home and I bought him a humongous, vastly unhealthy yet delicious corn dog. He was quite happy.  

Below are some photos of Caleb beaming down at his corn dog and sharing it with family who are willing to sacrifice their daily health for a bite of that sucker (me included). There is also a photo which shows this corn dog being larger than the head of my child. Win.