new job, day one.

I'm gonna go ahead and do the random thought number format for today's blog. I'm tired. But I am also grateful. Here we go-

  1. Today was my first day at my new job in LA. Where I wasn't nervous before, I was super nervous this morning in a way I hadn't been at all beforehand. Nerves are a funny thing. 
  2. I have a great supervisor, Dale, who is just super positive, optimistic, and called "zen" by my new colleague. 
  3. Speaking of new colleague, she was super great and trained me a good portion of the day. I was slightly afraid of her skill because I have none. After I went to lunch, I came back refreshed and feeling a lot better. I reminded myself it IS only my first day, and every other place I have been apart of, I have done really well after adjusting and really understanding the language and culture of each work place. It just takes time. I expect this perfection out of myself from the get go, but it's not realistic. I just need to be present and mindful of what is going on and what I am doing at the work place.
  4. Least favorite part of the day, worse than any traffic of any kind-Being whistled at each time I got out of the car and walked to the new office. It happened to me today five times. It's not appreciated and not at all flattering. That's one thing about living in Irvine, I haven't had to deal with that as much. When I used to live in Tustin, it happened all the time. And it shouldn't. Cat calling is not your friend, ladies. We are better than that and ought to be treated as such.
  5. Most grateful parts of the day: Having a new job and new things to learn and get good at. Having a great supervisor and nice/welcoming team. Also grateful for the commute not being more than 40-45 minutes long. 
  6. More (deeply) grateful parts: All of the people who contacted me today, wishing me good luck and asking how the day was going. Many friends emailed, texted, even sent messages through LinkedIn to check in. So kind, and I am so truly blessed for it. 
  7. Greatest moment of the day: Hanging out with my boy after work. It was truly a long day for both of us, as he was the first kid at school today and not used to that. I think we are both a bit tired, but I think we will adjust fine soon. Because of this though, he has been more of a snuggle. We have already read three books today. Now he is catching bad guys with his police helicopter. You know, all in a days work.
  8. I splurged and bought him some books through Amazon. Yes, that is my splurge. I adore children books. And adult books. :) We read Rose Revere, Engineer, Amazing You!, and The Boy Who Loved Words. While we read The Boy Who Loved Words, Caleb told me, "Did you know I'm a boy who loves words? Because I like how words are made!" Great statement, kid. And totally how his mind works. Every day he asks me how things are made, what they are made of, how large they are, etc. 
  9. I went by my old office today to drop off my key and pick some stuff up. It's great to have positive relationships with bosses and coworkers old and new. I still love and keep in touch with my old Nordstrom gals to this day and even the Motherhood job I did for a few months after graduating a couple years back.
  10. Caleb painted a red elephant at school. He tried painting it dark red because he said it was my favorite color. Thoughtful. :) 
  11. "How big is God mama? How big?" "Bigger than you and me, bigger than the earth, moon and stars. He holds the earth in his hands." "How about to the tippity top of a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very HUGE TREE?!" "Yes, bigger than that." I did also tell him that when Jesus walked this earth, he was the size of a normal person. Kids are always awestruck and amazed by the idea of huge creatures like Hulk. They try to conceptualize how big God must be in comparison, and it is still awe inspiring as an adult to think about.
  12. Last story-Saturday Caleb and I were at the Spectrum, where he rode on a carrousel for the first time ever. Make no mistake, we have attempted to do this many times together, but he is always too scared. Picture a manchild pulling at his mom's dress with all his might to get away from a slow, seemingly fun ride most children beg to go on. He's never been into it. Saturday he rode a tiger and did so well. Who didn't do well? His mom. Yeah, I got a little motion sick from being on that ride only once! Sad. After having him, I get motion sick a lot easier now. Anyway, horray for Caleb!

My precious boy. He just asked me, "Should we watch a movie, boss?" Boss? Haha! I'll take it.