Thoughts on Waiting Circa August 10th.

Found this in my drafts from August 10th. Thought I'd share. 

What is it about waiting that can be so hard and demanding of our trust and patience? Waiting is intentional. Waiting is wearing and we can easily lose focus on our goals if we aren't intentional. Sometimes people grow tired of waiting and just want what they want, when they want it. I think we spend a lot of our lives waiting. I know I have at least. I waited for a new job, and finally, a new job came. (No more cover letters for this girl! Woo woo!) Still, I am waiting for other things. We want what we want when we want it. Isn't that why waiting can be so challenging? We are denied what we want. In this culture of instant gratification, waiting tends to go against the grain. Heck, part of the reason I am a poor gardener, is because I do not care to wait weeks or months for the result. Just let me go to the store and buy the damn carrots. I am not interested in the process of planting and growing. I truly admire others who are, and may have to attempt this on some level for Caleb (he gardens with my sister and loves it). But even with gardening, I don't care enough to maintain the lives of plants and vegetables. Besides that, I really, truly do, have an awful lack of a green thumb.

This reminds me of children though. We enable kids so much. Men who are in their late twenties are still enabled by their parents just as children are below the age of ten. We over help, over coddle, over side. While we should support our kids, we hinder their responsibility and development as respectful, independent people by enabling them. I think that is the picture I get with this waiting talk when it comes to God and us. We are his children. We want what we want when we want it. But how does it benefit and grow us as people if we snap our fingers and get what we want? What qualities of life do we fail to learn and do we miss out on by letting someone else wipe our ass? We have got to learn. Just as I expect things from my child, God expects much from us. Waiting is arduous. But do we really want to be an instant gratification people? I think about children who get what they want and do not have to earn things, wait, be patient, or learn other such virtues. What sort of fruit do we see from that life? Are they spoiled or bratty? Humbled and patient? Virtues grow in our children with boundaries, patience, the word no, discipline, etc. What grows in them if we continue to try and make their lives easier? When I think about parenting my preschooler son, I get the point of it a little more with God. People can be such a sorry bunch. But God sees our growth potential and fosters it accordingly. Praise God for that.