Camp mama n' son. Our evening.

Today was a big day in our story of camp mama n' son. I picked up Caleb's first pair of glasses, and I accepted a job offer. Today marks new turning points for us both. Caleb is taking great care of his glasses during his first few hours of ownership. He even tucked them into "bed" for the night. I caught him whispering goodnight to them as he placed them into their case. It's startling how much older he seems now. (And not because of the glasses, though that is a contributing factor.) 

Today after school, Caleb and I had a picnic dinner in front of the house. Actually, it was mainly him who ate. My problem is that I come home and eat everything in sight. I just graze through the orifices of my refrigerator and chomp through the contents of my cabinets. Dinner is a sham. But you know, I still eat a bit of whatever I make Caleb. I do also (sometimes/often) do full on meals and it's like dinner round two, except the real version and not the grazing kind.

Anyway, we had a picnic in front of the house. We just roll our blanket out on the grass by our door and sit out there. I've never seen anyone else do this before. I am sure it is somewhat of an unusual sight. Here we are, doin what we do.


After the picnic dinner (which meant avoiding the would be invasion of ants and me making it through Caleb jumping onto my body or trying to buck me around like a horse), we walked for ice cream. Caleb played a bit, took care of his glasses some more, and then peed himself. It hardly happens these days, but somehow it happened today. He was standing right at the toilet, but I guess he just let himself go. We went home after that incident where he refused to bathe. 

He bathed, and then to his delight, we watched Tarzan for the first time. Early in the movie when the mama ape found the house where Tarzan's family lived and baby T was nowhere to be seen. The parents had been killed, but Caleb didn't know that. So as the ape looked around the room and the parents and babe were missing in action, Caleb remarked stoically, "They lost their baby."  Then Caleb said to me, "But you haven't!" I tell you, some of the things out of his mouth are so unexpected. I am almost embarrassed to admit that this acknowledgement of his pleased me because it showed his recognition of the fact that he is my baby. Yep. I am also almost embarrassed to admit that upon picking up his glasses today, I felt a little tide of emotion. What is happening?! On with the story though. In my amusement, I asked Caleb, "What happened to my baby?" He slapped his own chest and did an upwards arm gesture while saying, "Growed. Growed!" Growed. He sure has "growed", that one. 

Behold, my child and his newest addition.