A new job. Woah.


I wrote this when I first learned about the job offer a few days ago:

"He is before all things, and in him all things hold together. And in him, we live and move and have our being.

For once, I am without words. I was just informed that I will be getting a job offer, after needing this for two years. I am beyond words right now. But I just have to say, Praise him, from whom all blessings flow."

Today I officially accepted the job and felt a weird mix of emotions. It felt strange that after 3+ years, I am leaving this place of comfort and convenience that I have known since Caleb was a baby. Convenient because my job is so wonderfully close to my son's school and our home, and comfortable because I have been here so long, it feels like I am apart of the Focus family as much as I am apart of the office. 

But it is time to grow. It is time to travel and move and stretch these muscles and explore new things. 

Admittedly after sending that acceptance email, I felt freaked out.

I will be leaving the job that was my first after my little man was born. It was at this job that I showed up, feeling exhausted and morose over leaving my eight month old at his first school. It was here I have stayed while Caleb took his first steps soon after and seemed to thrive with the stimulus of friends, play, and reaching milestones in development and learning. It was here I have been as I have had to leave the office for doctor appointments, hospital stints, and all of the other timely issues that comes up with being a full time single working mom. 

My office has been a place of support for me as a mother first, always. Like any job, we have had our bad days and rough patches, but we quickly step back into the orbit of our normal, which consists of lunches and desserts, caring for our clients, finishing work, having little office parties, hearing each others stories, and more. 

When I first started my job, I had the opportunity of working either here, or at another place that paid $3.00 more an hour. I opted to take the lower paying job because it is what I had peace about and it seemed like a more stable option. I now understand why I needed to do this and why God directed me here. It was for all the myriad of ways I was able to get my start in an office environment as a first job outside of being the sole caretaker for my son. It was for all the ways I could have a stable, trusting, God loving workplace to be apart of. 

I grew itchy with my job awhile ago and had to start searching for a new one. I knew I needed to further grow as the provider for my son. The avenues of growth presented at my job were woefully undesirable to me, as I am not much into the industry that we are in. And so it seems that God has finally opened a door to a new job and said, "Now". It has been an exercise of trust for sure. And that exercise is a life long pursuit. 

This new position (that I accepted TODAY!!!) presents a whole new set of things to learn and plenty of ways to grow. I have job searched for around two years, with some breaks in between (like you know, when I thought I was moving to another state for awhile). So this has been a long time coming. Why has the door been opened now? I don't know, but I don't doubt God's timing. I also have to acknowledge my friend Dale, who contacted me and referred me to the job within his company.  He and his wife attend my church, so he was aware that I was on the search. Thank social media for that one! It is undoubtedly good and exciting for sure. We will see how all this goes! But for now, I think I might take Caleb and I out for ice cream. Again.