1. Sunday night, my son's new glasses just shy of one month of life, broke. The rim of the frames snapped. He does not seem to really know how this happened, though he did tell an elaborate tale, that did not actually explain the break in the rims of his glasses. Thankfully, we have a spare pair already on stand by and his glasses are under warranty still (BECAUSE THEY ARE BRAND NEW). Hopefully, this will be easily resolved. :) 
  2. Three weeks into my new job, and I now working under the parent company which deals with the international portion of the business that has been around for over twenty five years. I am now an Import Forwarding Associate and just started with this transition this week. I was working as a Distribution Coordinator with the domestic start up we have under the parent company I now work directly for, but am interested in the international side of things and it works out. Now I just need to become really good at what I do. That's always the goal. :) 
  3. Tonight is one of those rarities where I am home without Caleb. I seem to be becoming increasingly more lame. Like someone who just comes home, takes their pants off, eats cookies on the couch, updates their LinkedIn, and strives to walk outside. Oh wait, that was today. Well, I made it outside and found it to be an instantly regrettable experience. I had just left the house wherein my Idaho dwelling friend forecasted earthquake weather down in California. I couldn't shake her prediction after stepping outside. It was gross and eerie. The air was static with humidity. People always have something to say about weather. I don't. It just is. But today, today I came back home and did not even run. So I guess now I am experiencing an extension of lameness, as I sit in my air conditioned home, able to breathe freely once again.
  4. Anyone who hangs out with me for any length of time learns that I love books. I have loved them ever since I was a child, and now that I have a child, my love of books and children books transcends into research, of sorts. I also now target children books with a purpose. I have children books that I use as a teaching resource for my son, and also books that help aid or facilitate discussion on important topics. The most recent book that I purchased is about a boy who is the boss of his own body. I have also recently read to him a story about secrets, and how there are good versus bad secrets. This use of text helps me give language in an easy way to heavy topics that are important to broach with my youngun. He is bright. He gets it. And I think more communication is better than less. So, we work on it. And we read books. :) Here he is reading through one of my childhood books that I actually never liked that much as far as story goes, but always kept because the illustrations were so striking. Caleb seems to love the stories more than the pictures, which is wonderful. :)

Even now my Amazon wish list is filled with books I keep tabs on for my son. And my phone has snapshots of books I want for him that I have seen around town. I just can't buy it all, but I do adore it! Most likely if you are a friend of mine with a kid, that kid has received books from me as a gift. 

Today one of my best friends sent me a link to a bunch of glorious books, all with teaching themes, some of which, I have already coveted, of course. I have another friend who is a librarian at an elementary school who will send me great recommendations. She even mailed Caleb a book once, which he loved! I know such good people.

Well, I am off to meet a friend (what? she has a life? she does). Have a good Tuesday night!