Not a God-in-a-box.

What would it be, to unleash the Holy and Living God in our lives? What would it be, to let go of the control we so fiercely grip onto with our feeble hands? What would it be like to be honest with ourselves and with our God? Is this why being alone can be so frightening? Is the why the distraction of noise and life can be more preferable to the silence of being still? 

I would venture to guess that we put this mighty, living God in a box in our lives in ways we won't even admit to ourselves. Why? It is scary. Being vulnerable and real with ourselves is not where we want to be. Pain lives there. Honesty. Harsh truths. Uncomfortable, hard realities.

It is almost seamless with how simple it is grow content in the easy and convenient. It is hard to deny ourselves for what is right. 

Today friends, I am guilty. I am guilty for putting this God of mine in a box. I am guilty for not fully trusting. Where does God belong? In every crevice of my life. On the tips of my tongue. In the door jams and in the air of my home. Not in a box. I have lived with faith, yes. I have seen the results of this faith, yes. I have made big, painful, bold, anxiety ridden choices in the face of opposition that were right. I have done this trusting my Lord and God. I have not put God in a box in lots of ways. But are there other doors, other places where I have not relinquished? I suspect so. 

I am guilty of how easy it is to push God back on the shelf after not needing him so desperately. The Israelites saw the wonders of God in incredible ways and grew restless still. They had food rain down from heaven and nourishing water struck out of stone, and complained still. Once they were satisfied, their eyes lost the luster of the divine. Are we not guilty of the same? We forget why we needed God in the first place after he blesses. How this must grieve him. 

He is not like a Jack-in-the-box where we wind up our prayers and have him pop up when we need him. He is ever present, ever willing, ever loving, ever desiring of us to know him. 

And as always, He is greater, still. He loves us, still. 

I am grateful for that. And I am grateful for the conviction my heart feels, when reading through the book of Hosea and seeing myself. Seeing us. Seeing humanity. We can serve a holy, just, merciful, loving God. We can be redeemed in the many countless ways that God offers. We must only be willing, and sometimes, that is the scary and hardest part of all.

With great love,


Special thanks to SRT for the study of Hosea. Admittedly, I have dragged my feet through this one, but it does not negate the truths reflected in the words of these women and in the scriptures of this book. #SheSharesTruth #SHEREADSTRUTH