Win Moments

Last Wednesday was a marked day of whining. I should have known from the start. Right when we got into the car after school, Caleb asked if he could have a snack. I said yes, then turned around to briefly get settled into the car. My child's direct response due to my lack of diligence in snack timeliness was that of crisis and wailing. He whined over his contempt of waiting and told me he had asked me three times for a snack and he would wait no longer. We had just gotten in the car. It was less than one to two mins. Dude needs to WAIT. Let me tell you, he waited a lot longer because of this impatient fit than he would have had he just hung out for a moment in obedient, happy peace. :)

When we got home, Caleb was raiding the food as much as he could. He was allowed one more snack, but nothing else before dinner. He insisted on "smaller than dinner food that wasn't dinner", which never came to fruition. Once he discovered we were having chicken for dinner, he huffed in a puff saying, "NO! I want meatballs! No chicken! I wont eat chicken!" A moment later, he meekly followed up his statement with, "Chicken goes bak." I should have said, "And meatballs go moo." I didn't. Afterall, we didn't need another crisis.

As we were at dinner, I heard a deep gasp. I looked up to Caleb saying,  "There is NO. MORE. JUICE!" I put some water in his cup and thought all was well. Minutes later I saw a brief look of horror cross his face. In a relative state of disgust, he said, "THE WATER LOOKS GRAYISH EWWW! I am not drinking it." He poured it out and pushed the cup as far from him as he could. "I'm never ever having water! I want more juice! Without water, I want juice!" He never got juice again. 

He picked through his food with such definitive words and movements. He would declare, "No" and with an unwavering hand, pass off three blueberries that I snuck into his fruit salad. A raisin touched a piece of cheese. The raisin also looked larger and blacker than usual, deeming it unacceptable to be on his plate. "I just want watermelon and nothing else! Just watermelon!" The cantaloupe he had was a travesty. The grapes, blueberry, and trace of pineapple were also unworthy of Sir Caleb. His commentary continued, as well as his attitude. "I'm not eating chicken for the whole weekend." Some days are like this. 

The weekend has swiftly passed us by, and we are back to facing another Monday. As per usual, my book addiction reared its enticing head again, and I succumbed to my desires in buying a book I had my eye on for Caleb called The Prince's Poison Cup. It is allegorical children's book so naturally, I was interested. Caleb wanted to read it a minimum of two times today. Later Caleb gave me a hug and kiss and rubbed his cheek against mine. He said, "I love you mom, just like how God loves everyone and Jesus loves everyone in the story." Such a good moment. I have usually been good at not being too frustrated with the constant dealings with my child. But lately it seems like I am more frustrated with being on his tail about picking up after himself, being respectful, listening and doing what he is told, and not whining. Some days are more of a fail than others, but never for lack of trying. Though, some moments are win moments. And I think today had plenty of them. 

Off topic but because I must mention it-

One of my favorite books is How to Hide a Lion by Helen Stephens. Part of the reason why I love it is because it reminds me of myself as a little girl with my favorite stuffed lion whom I fondly called Lamey. Pronounced like "lamb", not "lame", though I know the spelling sounds like the latter. Plus it is known that my favorite animal is a lion. Hands down. Caleb recently has said that the lion is a boring animal, which is preposterous. I will need to youtube some action clips for him, clearly. They aren't called kind of the jungle for no reason. Anyway, he likes the book too (which is good because technically I did buy it "for him"...). This weekend when he asked that we read it, he gathered up his lion stuffed animals and we all read it together. I just love that little girl and her large, kind lion. :) Here they are-