Sunday Random

1. My son seems to measure his love for me with the velocity and force in which he charges his body towards mine. No matter where I am, he will come running at me full throttle, using only my body as a breaking point. I have learned to brace myself at all times. When I don't, we both go down. I think he loves that part the most. 

2. We all know that sometimes when the radio is on and is tuned to Christian stations, the radio hosts talk. Sometimes when the hosts are talking, Caleb will say to me, "This is cheesy, mom." He's got a real point there. He also probably heard me say that before. Opps. But really, are they not some of the most cheesiest radio talk ever? Sometimes my radio is dialed to 95.9 The Fish or 92.7 Air1 Radio. Often, it is because it is guaranteed non sketch music for Caleb. We don't always go that route, but we do sometimes. And when we do, it be real cheesy. No offense to true admirers out there. It's just a personal commentary here. 

3. Reallly want a fresh, delicious Krispy Kreame donut like you don't even know. The place I know of is in the Block of Orange, which is such a hassle to get to if I am not already going to be in the area. Bagh!!!! Not that I need it, being the glutton that I am. 

4.  On Friday Caleb and I looked through every book I have made of his life to date. There are currently four total, and they are A TON of work. I always assumed Caleb would be less interested in them. But on Friday, he sat down and looked through every single one of those books, all of which are or are almost 100 pages in length. And more than once he said to me, "Thank you mommy! Thank you for my books". Now that, is noteworthy and so good to hear. :) 

5. My book addiction has struck again. The only reason I held back from also getting him The Magic School Bus book that he wanted, was because he has his school's Scholastic Book Fair goin' down, so I should contribute to that instead, even though I find their books are of poorer quality (but with a reduced rate). I was eyeing this book the last time I was at the bookstore with Kaitlin and Caleb because it is good for his age group and it gives brief glimpses of the culture, history, landmarks and more of each of our world's continents. It has always been my desire for him to have exposure to other cultures and have a greater world concept. Have we really done this? Not as much. But through his maps (he has two in his room) and materials like this and other books I have for him, it has definitely been a topic not ignored in our house. In fact he consistently voices a desire to "travel to the African savannah" over a long period of time. He believes he will be old enough to embark on the journey by age seven. Ha! 

Can be found HERE on Amazon.


6. This is old news, but I never put it in my blog and it is worth a bullet point! I wrote another article for the OC Register's OC Family section. Found online here. It was a  easy and a lot of fun. I know I keep saying that it was fun, but that's because I truly enjoyed it. Last time I wrote for the paper, I had an idea of what I wanted to say, but I was worried about it. I didn't really tell anyone I was doing it. I didn't think it would be any good. I think this time, I just relaxed and wrote about the recent happenings of our home. 

It's a hot Sunday, all! Have a good one@