Weekend Refresher

This weekend was a wholly good weekend. I didn't do anything crazy. I wasn't insanely busy or anything, which is probably part of why it was good. I just did errands and trucked my boy along with me. He went with me for a stop at the threading salon for the first time, to drop off and pick up dry cleaning, to the Farmer's Market, to do laundry, to visit a new church with friends, and hang around the house eating. We also went to the store more than once and went for a run a few times. It was good to bring him along with me and have it all be fine and good. See, the errands I described I usually do during the work week without him. I would run out during lunches and take care of little trips like that. But because I am in LA most of the week for work, I don't have the allotted time to do that anymore. We also visited my mom, as we were near her house during the dry cleaning drop off. I go to a cleaners in Tustin, one of my least favorite places. But this cleaners is the bomb.com, folks. They do each item of clothing for like...$2.50 or something. Here in Irvine, a single item can cost TEN DOLLARS. Did your eyes just roll right out of your head like mine did when I had to pay that for a dress? Holy hell. It was my first time at this place down the street from my house, and they gave me a first timer 30% discount for my one item I needed done. Because of that, I actually paid 7 bucks to clean that dress. Had I not needed it for a pressing matter (best friend wedding stuff) within a day or two, I would have walked out. Out of control people. Who pays this stuff? Lots of people with lots more money than I, obviously. Still, I have had to pick jaw off the figurative counter every time I think about that. Ten dollars per item. That is just crazy talk.

Anyway, that is why we trek to Tustin at my old cleaners there. Caleb jammed his way over with me in his pajamas. He declared it a special treat that I allowed this. 

After a mere minute of being at the cleaners, Caleb was bored. Please child, the world does not need to entertain you. The bench sufficed for his waiting pleasure as I finished up with the drop off. Seriously, quick errands are a known bigger ordeal with kids involved. 

Here we have Caleb's version of getting read for bed. 

ANOTHER tedious errand needed to be done for weeks that got done was to drive to Orange to pick up Caleb's spare glasses! They are pictured here, above. Look the same? Yeah, they are similar, but still different. Thumbs up!

Earlier on Saturday, we had just read a book about honesty which featured a boy who had chocolate cake on his face and lied to his dad when asked about it. As if that were foreshadowing, later that  same day, here is Caleb. He looked at me and said that he snuck into the kitchen and ate a hamburger. Where the heck would he find a spare hamburger in there, anyway? Hmm? THERE ARE CLEARLY CHOCOLATE CHIPS ADORNING THE FACE OF THIS  DISHONEST/CUTE SCHEMER WHOM I FOUND CROUCHED IN THE CORNER OF HIS ROOM! Honesty, people. Can we spread it around a little more? He told me to smell his breath. As if that would not make it abundantly clear that his breath contained the delicious aroma of chocolate morsels there once were. I'm not going to say that he may have seen his mother eating chocolate chips out of the same bag hours earlier. I mean, what kind of example is that, anyway? ;)

Today. We had thirty minutes to journey over to Tustin to pick up the dry cleaning. Caleb goes outside first while I got my bag and water together. In no time at all, I look outside to this. There he is, spotted behind that bush with another handful of dirt. Sigh. We had to clean it up before heading out. There was a Jeep below that large mound of dirt. 

We visited Amy Saturday night. We had no plans to do so, but we just rolled out and headed over to her place. I am glad we did. She has birds she takes to her school she teaches at. It seems the bird and Caleb had a bit of bonding time. I mean, check out photo #2. They're either beaming at each other, investigating each other, or both. 

(Above)-Amy and Caleb at her house. Love. 

First two photos below-C plays. The first is him probably not putting his toys away. The second photo was of Caleb "building his name".

Post walk jog, pre bath. Shoulder dance party. Caleb said, "Look mom, it's you and me in the mirror! Best buddies!"

Above second two photos were taken during today's evening walk jog. By the way, I call it a walk jog this time because I am such a lazy ass. I don't run the entire time. I stop intermittently and walk. Caleb is like a little coach without knowing it and demands that I run the entire time. I don't. Anyway, the sky was lovely, as you can see. When it got dark, Caleb lamented, "Look mommy the beautiful sky is gone!!!!" He wasn't down with it. Someday I think he might learn, that the night is just as beautiful (if not more) than the day. This, coming from an avid lover of the night. 

This weekend was a mere two days, unlike last weeks three day weekend. But it was enough. It was good.