It has been 10 days since the strike of the New Year, and the novelty is already wearing off. The first of the year ushers in a different sense of excitement and anticipation that is unparalleled to any other point in the year. It offers a curtain of newness that I can almost just taste. I love it. I didn't know I cared that much, but this year with barely any preparations for celebration, the New Year came, and we celebrated with such fun. Last year it was meaningful and intentional. This year was just fun. We had a house party in my apartment. My sister, brother in law, and Yonca came over and we had a great time. 

Freshly stripped down from the Advent use, I had a blank wall to work with for the New Year. Using the artistic skill of an elementary aged child, I put up some quotes in an attempt to decorate with no supplies or money to spend. I named 2015: The Year of Possibility. I feel it. I feel all the possibility of this year in the different arenas my life has to hold. It's exciting, even though I am tired. 

We started our New Year's Eve with How to Train Your Dragon. As per usual, I made Stromboli and fed people. Meanwhile, Caleb donned a dual sword and shied combo while fighting imaginary foes.

There was dancing, drinks and food shared, laughter and chatter, and the emptying of the joy jar. Last year we started the Joy Jar tradition where each new year brings a new joy jar to fill with thoughts of gratitude and anything else positive. Then on New Year's Eve, we read them. It was actually really cool and also great to read the contributions of friends. It was great reading the different moments that reflected the joys and gratitude throughout the year from different voices. 

I also printed out yearly reflection cards for people to fill out, and they were pretty typical/funny. Only Yonca and Caleb did them: 

The next morning on New Year's Day, Caleb and I met Amy at the Orange Circle to eat at The Filling Station. IT WAS DELICIOUS. Hands down, the best breakfast I have had in ages. We all ate our fill and not a lick was left on my plate.  :) 

It was a fun New Year and it still just brims with possibility for the time to come. Happy New Year! 

Photos from our time of celebration and eating: