Happy Birthday, Mom.

For my parents birthday lunch, my mom wanted to go to Din Tai Fung in South Coast Plaza.

It's a crazy long wait, but it is definitely delicious. You don't find that kind of food often around here. In fact, when we were in Taiwan, my wonderful cousin Michael made plans to take us to the original Din Tai Fung in Taipei. Cramped into small spaces and up several flights of stairs, we dined on the original home of the dumpling. The kindness of my family in Taiwan never ceases to amaze me, and I continue to miss their warmth and love being in the United States. I miss that island. I miss that land. I miss those people. I miss connecting to this family of mine whom of which I am apart of through my mother. Family, if you are reading this, I send you my love.

My parents also came to church with Caleb and I on Sunday. As we were leaving, my mom was telling us about a homeless man she met outside of a grocery store the other day. She told us about his life and she knew his name. He was reading the bible. She knew the bits of his story in which he chose to share. You see, it is in the unassuming interactions like this story from my mom about meeting a man down on his luck that speak about a persons heart. She spoke of him like another person, someone of dignity and value. Someone loved by their creator. I know of many who speak of the homeless harshly and out of judgement. I have seen them treated like a problem. Not as people. Not as God's children. And I just have to say, I admire my mom's unassuming way about this. This is just normal, daily life to her. But should it not be to us all? To stop and notice those around us and treat them as our equal-Because they are? Because they are our brothers and sisters in Christ? 

We can be safe and use wisdom, but also walk in kindness and compassion towards others. We can choose to learn another's name. We can chose to extend our hands and hearts in even the smallest moments. I have seen her do this before, and I've got to say, it stops me in my tracks every time. Part of this is because I have always thought of myself as the one who loves people. The one who does not choose to operate out of fear, but of compassion and interest for fellow human beings. But in that, I see my mom doing it without effort and without fail. And that is something to admire. That is something to take notice of.

Today is her birthday. I wish her the very best.

Grace and peace to you. May God be with us all.