Kindergarten Roundup

Tonight I attended the Kindergarten Roundup at my son's future elementary school. It will be our first experience in public school. As of now, we have been exceedingly blessed to be able to have his school experience be that of the montessori he currently attends.

It's just a good experience to be able to send my kid to a great school with a great staff of caring teachers. It puts my heart at east knowing he goes to school where he does and has his "best buddies". Today he told me about how he and his best buddies killed tarantulas with their buckets and shovels in the sand. I'm going to go ahead and venture to say that these were imaginary giant spiders.

I find that my son is often the ring leader of these interesting stories that I hear about. Ring leader, or mischief maker? They are one in the same. The other day we were at the park with our good friends. A little girl was bothering our boys, so my son decided it would be a great idea for them to dig a hole in the sand in an effort to make a trap for the girl to fall into. Shake my head. 

I go through these milestones with my son. His birthday is also my momiversary. The anniversary of my forever being changed into "mom". Now his entrance into Kindergarten is a new family shift. While I know that this is a natural and positive progression for his growth and learning, I can't help but feel a little apprehensive. I feel more at ease with his level of readiness for Kindergarten because he's been in school all this time, so he has a great foundation for the topics they'll be covering. If anything is an issue, it is his behavior. He's usually the kid with the silly sounds that sets off all the others. It will be interesting, no doubt. And I am gearing up for the change.