heart hole punches and a love over flow.

I took Caleb to his first play Friday night. We went to see a highschool production of Robin Hood. It was a great experience. We know a girl in the play who is vivacious, talented, and clearly a smart and very spirited girl. Caleb pointed her out multiple times during the play and looked for her in his play booklet. He clapped along with the crowds and whispered things in my ear. He reminded me that the bad guy really isn't bad in real life because he's only acting. I can always leave it to the child for such timely reminders. Then in the car on the way home, he discussed differences between the cartoon Robin Hood, and the play he had just seen. His young sharp mind always puts me to shame. Though we saw the cartoon within the last six months, I don't have a vivid recollection of specific scenes or of the more obscure characters. Kids. Put me to shame.

It never fails to be sweet to me to hear Caleb talk about mamas as he does. He doesn't do it with the intent of being sweet, he's usually too cool for that. He just does it out of the outflow of his reality. He mentions other kids and what activity they might be doing with their mama, or waiting for his mama, etc., in a way that notes the value of mama to him. 

The other night, Caleb was writing in his coloring book. He started with the word, "Please". I asked him what he was writing and he said, "Please stop loving me because I already have enough love in my heart." It's almost an odd thing to hear, isn't it? But his paper had heart hole punches all around the perimeter of the page, and as he said this, he was beaming. He said his heart and love filled up his whole page. 

What a great moment, to see a child-my child, communicate to me that he has so much love in his heart, it just fills his own page up. And his statement he was so intent on writing was saying he needed no more, he had enough. 

The good thing about mamas and love and even (of course) Jesus and children, is that there is not love cut off. You can just bestow abundant love and from the outflow of that comes more love towards others, and more grace.

Praise be to God for that.