New York Eve

I am exhausted and on the very brink of another trip. This time, New York. I dropped my baby (don't let him see that....because it's really "BIG BOY") off at his grandparents house. I lingered and waited around feeling the pull of the imminent separation to come. This time my leaving feels different because I am going to be gone longer than the last. Just not across the world...only across the country.  

I told my boy that I would be gone for 7-8 days. He signed and said. "I hope it's 7." It's actually 9. He said to me, "You're always with me mama, right in my heart." That, I surely am.

We need to promptly find a new place to live by July. We need to find and settle into a new home after occupying our space in Irvine all these years. But, first I must go to New York for work. I have a lot going on here, and a lot unsettled. But putting that all aside as well as my ache of leaving my babe once again, I am excited to see my team. They are adorable. One of my ladies there knows my flight schedule and hotel, and I never even told her that. "You're close to my mom!" She says. "Let's meet Sunday!" Too cute. Another gal heard I was coming and exclaimed, "LA Homegirl is comin'!!!" I am so glad to be "LA Homegirl". It feels like meeting another big group of people who are my friends. But really, they are my colleagues that I have not actually met in person. I can't wait. 

I'm the only person in our LA operations with an entire team that I work with on the other side of the country, so it will be really nice to just be there with them for a bit. 

But first, I must pack. Because.....yeah...that's not done. 

Oh, and pray that Caleb and I have a solid place to live when I get back. We need answers asap. The main factor: A good school for a bright boy. 

See you in NEW YORK!!!