touch base

Being back on my blog feels even more foreign than my new apartment. I haven't given myself space. I've just being going, going, going. I throw myself wholly into work and figuring out the logistics of life, that I lose track of people and details and things. So many things require my attention. And there is just one of me and a whole heck of a lot things. I went to New York for work. I came back. I immediately searched for apartments. I worked and worked and worked. I packed and packed. I moved. Somehow in the shuffle, I was a mom (to a graciously loving boy). I'm exhausted. 

And despite being so fiercely independent, likely to a fault, I have had the kind and loving help of family and friends in different ways. Be it with Caleb, dropping off boxes, offering help, whatever the case. I am so run down yet still so loved. I say this all the time, but I'll never understand why I am so blessed to have the people I do in my life. I'll never understand why I get to love the souls that I do. 

During all this change, Caleb stopped going to his Westpark Montessori school where he has attended most of his life and all of his preschool and toddler years. We (all to rushingly) said goodbye to his wonderful school and their beloved staff. I couldn't speak more highly of them. They enabled me to be a single, full time working mother who often deals with great difficulty in the less-than co-parenting situation that I have. I appreciate them. And I appreciate his paternal grandparents for supporting Caleb in that by paying for that school. They do it because they love him to death. And we are forever blessed by that. 

We moved and I am finding new schools for Caleb. Prayers could be used that he gets into the elementary school I need for him in the morning program. It's really a must, and we are late for enrollment. 

Throughout it all, Caleb has seemed to grow even more. His clothes are even smaller on him. He has told me as of late that I am to call him only "Caleb" and "dude". I'm just glad his own name made the cut. "Dude" is a given, it's just a cool thing for a kid. And unfortunately, I say it far too often. Still, he has specifically told me to not call him babe, baby, little man, etc. But its too bad because the little dude is my little babe. My main little man. And as he stretches and grows even bigger and longer, I just shake my head in awe with it all. it is true what they say. Children are a gift from the Lord; an inheritance. 

I often think of the many parallels between parents and their children, and God with us. I think in this instance, grace is what I have seen. Children often extend such undeserved grace to parents. Like my kid to me. I am such a lucky, run down mom. ;)

Sending love to you and yours.