A year at my job offers a moment of reflection

Today August 25, marked my first year at my job within International Trade. I am still a baby. Sort of. There is so much to know and be on top of, so many things that come with a lot of time. I had wanted a job that challenged me, and I certainly got it. A year in my industry is not really all that impressive. So when I think about this day one year ago, I am brought back to that time in my life. And that brings me to a place of worship.

I was in desperate need for a new job. I needed to be placed in a position where I could be more challenged (outside of taxes) and where there might be growth. 

In so many big and little ways, in so many not so coincidental details, God brings us to the edge of waiting and trusting and then he provides. Truly, that is what he did with this. 

When I got the job, I knelt down on my floor and I praised my God. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. But I recognized that this was him providing. I worked hard and long and learned and moved within the company and had to adjust to commuting to one of the worst places to commute to.  But no one promised for life to be easy. Doing what we need to do is not easy. It doesn't mean God comes through any less. It just means we have to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and work hard within the responsibilities given to us. 

  And really, our home is coming together just fine. 

And really, our home is coming together just fine. 

He kept us in Irvine until this year. I didn't know where we would live. I was in New York and the day I came back, found this apartment and hoped God would provide. He did. We moved in, and guess what? There were dead and living roaches and all kinds of other strange critters. It was not cleaned to the standards of a new apartment. I questioned if the carpet had ever been cleaned. I have no dishwasher. I have a manual garage in which I have to literally get out of the car to open the door, get back in to drive the car in, get Caleb and all our stuff out of the car, close the door, and struggle with that lock for the garage every time. That lock is a pain. I also have a A/C box instead of central air. No friends, we are not in Irvine anymore. We cleaned up this apartment, got rid of the bugs (hopefully with no future visitors), and made it as home as we could. And home it is and will become as the weeks progress and we further settle in. I got this place next to Downtown Fullerton right in one of the absolute best public schools around with childcare directly nearby. The doors opened and we walked through them, and God led the way. This is the way of his timing and will. Not ours. This is God saying, "Now." It isn't always easy. Sometimes it means we have roaches to clean up. Sometimes we have to get over ourselves and embrace the AC box and smelly spider ridden garage with no electric door. Sometimes we need to get over the fact that yes, we need to get used to handwashing all dishes again. It's no real big deal. Just inconveniences. And really, all of that nit picking is doing a disservice to the work of God in our lives. We are no less blessed. And our home is coming together just fine (see above snapshot). 

I didn't worry really, about the move. I knew and trusted God would move and open doors, and so he did.

He blessed us with a new car. He blessed us with loving, caring people in this world who like us for some reason. I mean, I get why people like my kid. He's a character. And don't tell him I said this, but he's pretty cute too. Maybe even handsome. ;) Seriously if he asks, I only said that he was "cool". Hopefully that is still an approved description on his rather limited list. The other day he even told me I wasn't allowed to call him dude anymore. Mom's are just so not the coolest. 

In any case, God provides. But he does so in his timing, even if it makes us squirm a bit. Last year during this time, I was squirming a bit for sure. But God doesn't squirm. He sees the over arching bigger picture of our lives. He asks that we wait, trust, and lean in on him. He will come through. He does. And he did. Right at the very last moment. This is what I remember in recognizing that I have had this job for a year. I recognize that God provides. And you know what? I should praise him all over again for that. I worshipped my Lord on this provision one year ago from now, and I should do so again. Because in him, we live and move and have our being. I quote that verse from Acts a lot, I know. But it is true because the very breathe in our lungs comes from the creator of life. The very spirit which moves within us is the spirit of the living God. And so how can I not say this over and over again that in him, we live. And we move. And we have our being. In him, we have the very lives we are so blessed with. We deserve nothing. We have everything. Praise be to God for that. And praise be to God for the provision of work and a home and a healthy son. What a lucky-no, blessed, mom I am.