Kindergarten Eve Interview Questions for Caleb

1.     How old are you? 5

2.     How old is Mommy? 29. (Good guess! He was a year off! When I told him this, he proceeded to instantly plan a party for me/us). He said, "Get us rainbow cupcakes when you turn 29. Or if someone gets rainbow ice cream , that's ok. SO, invite Kaitlin, John Todd, Jessie, Mr. C, her mom, and Indie, and Chloe, and Zoe, Julian’s Moms, Alex, also could we bring….uh, this time it is up to you."

3.     What do you like to do for fun? Ok mama, WATCH TV!! (Ugh). Ride on the outside of a fire truck. They have no backseats. I really want to go to Disneyworld, Legoland, and I could remember that there is a water park one day we went there ourself I think. It was just you and me.

4.     What is something that you think is funny? Saying poo poo pee pee butt. “I don't like that”. “That is funny.” “No.” “But it is for me!!”

5.     What is your favorite thing to do? Playing with my toys. Also, um, (he laughs) going to the bathroom. 

6.     If you could be any animal, which one would you be and why? Dragon because if anyone laughs at me for no reason, then I do this, “AHHHHHHHHHH”.

7.     What is something nice to do for someone else? Bring flowers. That’s a good one. Or bring them a book. And sharing.

8.     What do you want to be when you grow up? Police officer cop. That is the bestest kind because they are actually half ninja, half police man. And they kick the bad guys in the face and punch them in the butt. (Not nice...moving on!! He loves anything having to do with kicking people in the face and punching butts).

9.     What are you really good at? I am good at doing my aged legos.

10.   What are you not very good at? I am not good at doing this: Trying not to keep all the bugs out. 

11.   What is your favorite animal? DRAGON!!

12.   What is love? Oohhh….It is actually something that is kind of tiny. Well, and it also could be used as a word. “Love. I love you Mr. Bad Guy. Some villans do that to tell their Master.”  

13.  Where do you live? In Fullerton! That’s an easy one. On the end of the house aisle. 

14.   Who puts the stars in the sky? GOD! That’s a good one!

15.   What is the sound of silence? Like this “ummmmmmmm”. This is silence.

16.  What does rain feel like? Cold water against your body. Against your bare butt. (hahaha). If it gets on your butt it will make it turn to ice bergs.

17.   What does hope mean? It means that you really hope for something that you really want. Actually it means if your mom or dad says no, but you really want to get it but you cant, so you hope for it instead until you have enough money to get it.

18.   What are dreams? Something that you think is real.

19.  How do you feel about Kindergarten tomorrow? Shy.