Happy Six, my wild child

He is curious and oh, so descriptive. He is sharp and quick witted. He just wants to share his world with you and tell you in detail, what he’s created, what he’s thinking, and what story he is crafting. He has the same face as when he was born, except today, he is six years old. His golden birthday.

This has been six years of growth and change. For him, it has just been childhood, and hopefully, a good one, at that. For me, it has been the gradual process of setting up our lives.

I started off with two major goals that take a whole lot of time to accomplish. With the help of family, friends, and a grace filled and everlasting God, these goals were met. My goals in the early years of his life were to set up our home, our traditions, and our independence. I didn’t come into the whole motherhood thing with traditions, so I researched relentlessly what and how I wanted to teach my child. I learned a few crafts, came up with our lessons and our lists of ideas, and put them into practice. I worked a 9-5 job with for a beloved family owned company close to our home, while doing the mom thing. I got a new job, and eventually, a new apartment in a new city after living in the idyllic Irvine.

In everything that we do, God is there. He opened the doors in his timing for us to come to Fullerton after living in Irvine for the first five years of his life. It was a tough transition, surprisingly more for me than him. I had grown used to our Irvine home. I loved how close we were to family and how great of a neighborhood it was. It was a blessing to be there, but it was time for us to move on. 

Last summer I was in New York for work and knew our time was running out for finding a place to live that was affordable and in a good school area. I flew home, took the next day off, and within that day, found a place to live. The doors opened for us to move to a place within the boundaries of a great school that had the same rating as the Irvine school he would have attended. He was also enrolled in the exact childcare program that worked best despite the program initially being full. This is all due to God’s guidance and provision.

I can finally say we are more settled in our new city and I feel less amiss about the move. Last year when my child turned five, he embarked on the first big move of his life (and handled it better than I) along with starting Kindergarten in a new place, with new friends. It was a year of big transition and changes, but all for our growth as a little family and for him as a little man. I can never stop giving thanks for this. We owe it all to our Great Provider.  So when I think about his life, I think about his spark. I think about his resilience. I think about how much life has evolved year, after year. And how here we are now, living the simple life of a mom and son, but one that is truly blessed in the mundane and routine. It is here, that we get to thrive. Happy (golden) Six, my son. I’d pick no better wild child to have as my own.